OMS Backplate w/ SmartStream Harness SIG, Crotch Strap, Back Pad w/ Weight pockets, 6 lb system, (1) UtilityPocket and Shoulder Pads - Flood


SKU: LA-OM20321


Our flood damage from the 2024 rain storm is your gain. All of these items have been cleaned and reduced in price. Most do not have any packaging or product hang tags.

All flood items are non-returnable.
While supplies last.
Quantities online may not reflect actual number in stock.

Product Description

SmartStream was developed to alleviate configuration challenges which may arise while donning a heavy rig. By pulling the waist straps forward the shoulder straps secure to the diver's shoulders and back - proper adjustments are instantly achieved. This uniquely adjustable OMS system allows the use of OMS weight pockets or a place to hold a canister light.

This updated harness uses 11.5 ft (3.5m) of 2" (5.1cm) nylon webbing materials and 316 stainless Steel D-rings with weight stops are included. Two at chest level and one on the waist. Easily re-positioned for optimal configuration with an OMS SS buckle. A 2" (5.1) sewn crotch strap with a 2" (5.1 cm) DPV D-ring is also included.


  • Superior De-Burring Process
  • Design: Eliminates Sharp Edges, Prevents Abrasion & Cuts to Webbing and BC's
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Back Plate
  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.3kg) SS / 1.75 lbs (794 g) AL
  • Plate Webbing Slots: 1" and 2" (2.54cm and 5.1cm)
  • Bottom Slot: Accommodate Band Bolts, Slightly Off 11" (27.94cm) On Center
  • Slots to Mount Cam Bands for Single Cylinder Configuration
  • Hard Coat Anodized Surface to Prevent Oxidation
  • 22 Holes for Flexibility in Accessory Mounting
  • Additional Slots to Mount Cam Bands for Single Cylinder Configuration


  • Quality Diving Harness
  • Superior Comfort
  • 11 feet of OMS signature webbing
  • 6 small EPDM bands
  • 1 large rubber loop
  • 2 inch Crotch Strap with “2” inch Scooter D-ring

* Tank bands are not included.

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