DUI Men's L CF200X Premium Drysuit TR8619

SKU: TR8619



Style: CF
Color: BlackTough Duck
Foot Style: Turbo ML
Wrist: Latex ZipSeals
Neck: Latex G1 ZipSeals
Inflation Hose: Rubber
Exhaust Valve: Apek High Profile
Knee Pads: Standard Aramid Fiber
Pockets: Large Cargo on Left and Right
Condition: New - Blemish*
Warranty Zipper, Valve, Foot: 
90 Days
7 Year

*Has a 1 inch stripe of black glue around the sleeve at the wrist area. 


Gender: Male
Base Size:

Forearm: 10.25"
Biceps: 12.25"
*Armhole: 21.75"
*Chest: 41.375"
Waist: 39.875"
*Hips: 40.625"
Thigh: 23.25"
Calf: 15"
Knee to Floor: 20.125"
*Floor to Crotch: 31.5"
*Girth: 71.375"
Shoulder to Floor: 59.5"
Shoulder Width: 17.75"
*Spine to Wrist: 30.375"
Height: 69.375"

Sized for DuoTherm 300 Undergarment

Shipping and Returns

Please allow 5 business days before the drysuit is shipped to allow for Quality Assurance and Shipping/Handling. Item can be returned within 15 days from ship date and must not be used or have water use indicator compromised (US). All Sales Final (Outside US)DUI is not responsible for any information/specifications that may not be correct.

* Indicates the most important measurements.

Measurement Guidelines and Charts

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