2012 DEMOTOUR Oregon Aquarium Drysuit Test Diver Photos

2012 Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR DUI DEMOTOUR Test Diver Photos August 17-19, 2012
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Another fantastic DUI DEMOTOUR took place at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Enjoy photos of DUI drysuit test divers! Thank You: Each and every DUI DEMOTOUR Event takes hundreds of man hours. From pitching tent stakes, unloading and reloading the truck, turning dry suits inside out at the end of the day, BBQ lunch for hungry scuba divers, family and friends...and this list goes on and on. We at DUI love bringing these DEMOTOUR's to your local diving area. We love bringing our dry suits out to you to test dive. We could not have these events without the dedication of the many individuals who spend hours helping before, during and after the events. Our thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of you. Participating Dealers
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Alex Dring Amanda Davis Amy Burgess Andrew Dudley Barry Shafer Becky Cutter Beth Meyer Billy Branigan Billy Snook Blake Bipps Bob Brazie Bob Pinotti Brett Sommermeyer Brian Fodness Bruce Hansen Carl Porterfield Carrie Damewood Chad Eversa Chris Lolkes Connie Speck Cynthia Devauasseux Dan Purnell Dan Tyrpak Dana Sallee Daniel Sotin Danya Arguedas Dario Arguedas Dave Cutter Dave Damewood Dave Wyatt Derek Perry Diek Irish Don Atwell Edwin Bjore Erika DeVries Galen Gard Garret Wyatt Gaylo Ornr George Martin Grace Fluckey Greg Wolf Halaire Bojonell Heather Coleman Heidi Kirk Jared Hunt Jay Olsen Jeff Carl Jeff Trembly Jen Gillock Jeremy Schumacher Jerry Henderson Jim Ross Jim Smith Jim Snyder John Bachofer John Risko Josh Dailey Karis Vanpehey Keith Tienken Ken Rymal Kent Royer Kevin Buch Lacey Dring Lisa Becker Lisa McCranie Mark Fischer Michael Saleen Mike Allen Mike Garetson Mike Northrop Nancy Brazie Nathan Newell Nicolle Pratt Patrick Blaney Paul Weatherford Peter Hunt Peter Martinez Reid Ligon Rick Rodriguez Rick Stratton Robbin Rymal Rogan Zenger Ron Levine Ron Manning Ryan Thornton Samantha Chess Sean Trolaugh Selene Muldowney Staci Knabe Steve Ruth Steven Anderson Suzie Willard Thomas Rodriguez Todd MacDonald Travis Dudley Troy Knabe Trystan Devauasseux Tyler Knabe Yann Devauasseux Zena MonjiA special thanks to: Dive News Network Oregon Coast Aquarium