2013 DEMOTOUR Dive Alabama drysuit photos

2013 Dive Alabama DUI Drysuit DEMOTOUR Photos April 20-21, 2013
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Once again DUI and Dive Alabama joined together for the DUI DEMOTOUR.  Local scuba divers came out to test dive our drysuits, enjoy camaraderie of fellow divers and just have fun.  We hope to post more photos shortly. Thank You: Each and every DUI DEMOTOUR event takes hundreds of man hours. From pitching tent stakes, unloading and reloading the truck, turning dry suits inside out at the end of the day, BBQ lunch for hungry scuba divers, family and friends...and this list goes on and on. We at DUI love bringing these DEMOTOUR's to your local diving area. We love bringing our dry suits out to you to test dive. We could not have these events without the dedication of the many individuals who spend hours helping before, during and after the events. Our thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of you. Please enjoy these photos taken of the scuba divers as they tested DUI drysuits. Participating Dealers
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Anna Hildebardt Alan Spears Art Grinath Arthur Gibson Brad Hansen Bradley Garrison Brandon Landmark Brian Furguson Charles Willis Chris Hirsch Chris Shelby Doug Lane Duchess Garrard First Last Gary Hirsch George Poole Greg Gilkey Greg Hammet Jeff Currie Jeff Taylor Jim Holland John DaPrato John Davis Julie Jeffs Justin Cohen Justin Smith Ken Rouric Ken Rymal Lloyd Garrard Mike Murdock Nick Brown Pete Gannon Raymond Myers Robbin Rymal Robert Carawan Robert Pitts Jr. Ronnie Owens Rusty Whiting Scooter Sellers Sue Grinath Susan Woody Todd Lovett Tom Ridgway Walt McGregor