2013 DEMOTOUR Pearl Lake dry suit test diver

2013 Pearl Lake DUI DEMOTOUR Photos June 1-2, 2013
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Thank You: Each and every DUI DEMOTOUR event takes hundreds of man hours. From pitching tent stakes, unloading and reloading the truck, turning dry suits inside out at the end of the day, BBQ lunch for hungry scuba divers, family and friends...and this list goes on and on. We at DUI love bringing these DEMOTOUR's to your local diving area. We love bringing our dry suits out to you to test dive. We could not have these events without the dedication of the many individuals who spend hours helping before, during and after the events. Our thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of you. Participating Dealers
Underseas Scuba Center *Premier*
Scuba Emporium *Premier*
Aquatic Adventures
Chicagoland Scuba Center Inc
Forest City Scuba Center
Scuba Adventures QCA, Inc.
Sea Lions Dive Center
Shipwreck Adventures, LLC
Toucan Dive
Underwater Connection
Anne Bates
Bill Harting
Brad Nolan
Brian Bockholt
Bruce Hootmen
Cait Krengel
Dale Rush
David Andrews
Dominik Chodkoaski
Erin Kaht
Fran Wasko
Gregg Marshall
Heidi Twohs
Jeff Peters
Jeff Twohig
Joe Christensen
John Krull
Katy Harting
Kelsey Schnider
Kenneth Norris
Krista kakarans
Kylie Daeminrich
Laura Linse
Mark Linse
Martha Rogers
Matt Rice
Maureen Peters
Mike Fay
Paul Bilisko
Paul Johnson
Rich Lower
Rick Smith
Rickey Tackett
Scott Jones
Scott Rein
Sebastian Chodkoaski
Tim Bradley
Tim Doubek
Tom Banwell
tom Behnle
Tom Beien
Tori Tworig