[product] [u_line]Join DUI and Amos Nachoum Antarctica Expedition[/u_line] [/product]February 13 - March 6, 2016
…it is thrilling to know and live in a time when all the effort we put into Amos Nachoum in his DUI drysuit and BlueHeat what we love, enjoy and respect comes together….… I am so proud to invite you to join me for the most remarkable dive trip to Antarctica I have put together after 20 years of exploration. The itinerary we designed is not only rare, but unique and daring befitting the 100 year anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s heroic rescue of his crew from Antarctica in April 1916. We are living in the age of technology and DUI has the latest developments that make Antarctica diving enjoyable with its BlueHeat™ system so you can get the most out of your once in a lifetime dive experience. Photographically we will be visiting some of the most photogenic scenery in the world...on South Georgia Island, with more than 250,000 pairs of noisy King Penguins…on Sandwich Island home of the largest colony of Chinstrap penguins estimated to be over 1,000,000 pairs, the highly possible encounter with Leopard Seal hunting and if weather holds we will visit Elephant Island. Yes, I have been in all of these places and I am proud to be part of the team with Faith Ortins from DUI and share the adventure with you. It is an honor to pay tribute to personalities like Sir Ernest and his devoted crew who survived the conditions of Antarctica - without a DUI drysuit, BlueHeat and no cameras to document the experience. Antarctica is a humbling place. I am looking forward to see you among the penguins and diving among the icebergs. Amos Nachoum Wildlife Photographer & Explorer
  [nggallery id=33] At the risk of over doing a well used cliché, this is truly a “once in a lifetime” voyage: all islands, all “hot spots” combined in one voyage. During this unique expedition we combine the Falkland Islands (Carcass and Saunders), South Georgia Island (famous for its Elephant Seals, King Penguins and breeding grounds of the Wandering Albatross) with the rarely visited and uninhabited South Sandwich Islands, home to the world’s largest Chinstrap Penguin colony (over a million breeding pairs!). The expedition will culminate with a landing on the continent of Antarctica. TRIP OVERVIEW This gives a summary of some of the land and dive highlights. We will dive at all the destinations while the landings for the non-divers are happening. Falkland Islands - In the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) we plan to spend the entire day on the fascinating western side of the archipelago. A hike along the Shore of Carcass Island will give us views of Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins, as well as close encounters with water fowl and Night herons and passerines. In addition, on Saunders we will be able to observe four species of breeding penguins (Gentoo, King, Magellanic and Rockhopper), Black-Browed Albatrosses and King Cormorants. At sea - On our way to South Georgia we will cross the Antarctic Convergence. Entering Antarctic waters, the temperature will drop by as much as 10 degrees C in the time span of only a few hours. Near the Convergence we will see a multitude of southern seabirds near the ship; several species of Albatrosses, Shearwaters, Petrels, Prions and Skuas. South Georgia Island - We visit the areas where the German explorers, von Neumayer, Drygalski, Filchner, Kohl-Larsen, have worked and put their marks ( e.g. Grytviken, Royal Bay/Moltke Harbour, Drygalski Fjord and more). The sites that we visit give us a good opportunity to see a wide spectrum of landscapes and wildlife, like King and Macaroni Penguins, Light-Mantled Sooty Albatrosses, Fur Seals, and Elephant Seals. The colony of King Penguins is 250,000 pairs strong so it is highly probably we will see them in the water. There will be opportunities for walkers in the group to hike on South Georgia. All hiking excursions are subject to weather and landing site availability. The voyage in South Georgia ends at Drygalski Fjord, which is a great scenic place for cruising in a Zodiac. At sea - On our way to South Sandwich Islands we are again followed by a great selection of seabirds while crossing the Southern Atlantic. South Sandwich Islands - At the rarely visited and uninhabited South Sandwich Islands (British Territory) we will try to land on Zavodovski Island, home to over a million pairs of breeding Chinstrap Penguins, making it one of the world's largest penguin colonies. Other landings will be pursued on the steep-sided Candlemas Island, Saunders Island and Montagu Island. These volcanic islands, discovered by James Cook in 1775, with an ice cap on the top, are windswept and often shrouded in mist and fog, but do offer subtle pleasures. This is one of the best places in the world to see Leopard Seal feeding behaviours. There is a nice variety of flora (mosses, lichens and flowering grasses) and fauna, such as Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins and Southern Giant Petrels. Elephant Seals and Fur Seals also haul out at the beaches. This is the area where we meet the remains of the huge table ice bergs from the Weddell Sea of which those deep blue ice bergs remain with penguins huddling in ice grottos. Southern Thule is a huge crater with a natural harbour like Deception Island. German explorer Wilhelm Filchner visited the South Shetland Islands in November 1911 onboard the ´Deutschland´ prior to exploring the unknown Weddell Sea. At sea - Sailing along the ice edge to the west the ship is again followed by a multitude of seabirds. At the edge of the pack-ice which extends far to the north we might have a chance to see some high-Antarctic species like the McCormick Skua and Snow Petrel and the elusive Emperor Penguin. South Orkney Islands - If the islands are not still surrounded by sea-ice we are planning on a visit to Orcadas station, an Argentinean base located in the South Orkney Islands. The friendly base personnel will show us their facilities and we can enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding glaciers. This will be a special treat in addition to our regular dives. Elephant Island – In the evening we try to land at Elephant Island, or just cruise by. Depending on the weather conditions (often very challenging) we may visit Point Lookout on the South Side of the Island or Point Wild on the North Coast. Point Lookout is a favored haul-out site for Antarctic Fur Seals and Southern Elephant Seals. Point Wild is the historical outpost west of Cape Valentine where Shackleton’s men beached here after the Endurance sank in the Weddell Sea. Shackleton started his successful open-boat passage to South Georgia from here. Shackleton´s voyage onboard `James Caird´ was originally retraced by German explorer Arved Fuchs in a replica of the boat. A brave adventure indeed! South Shetland Islands - We may land at Half Moon Island at the South Shetland Islands, where we can observe Elephant, Weddell and Fur Seals as well as Chinstrap Penguins, Blue-eyed Shags, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, Kelp Gulls, Snowy Sheathbills, Antarctic Terns and Antarctic Brown Skuas. At Deception Island, we will sail into the crater through the spectacular narrow entrance Neptune’s Bellow into the ring of the caldera to reach Whalers Bay. Deception itself is a sub-ducted crater, which opens into the sea, creating a natural harbor for the ship. Here we find hot springs, an abandoned whaling station, thousands of Cape Pigeons and many Dominican Gulls, Brown and South Polar Skuas and Antarctic Terns. Wilson’s Storm Petrels and Black-Bellied Storm Petrels nest in the ruins of the whaling station in Whalers Bay. Antarctic Peninsula - On our way south, we sail to Danco Island and Cuverville Island in the Errera Channel, a small precipitous island, nestled between the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula. It contains a large colony of Gentoo Penguins and breeding pairs of Brown Skuas. We also hope for a continental landing at Neko Harbour in Andvord Bay. We are aiming to sail further south to Paradise Bay with its myriad icebergs and deep cut fjords, while having chances of seeing large Whales. We will have opportunities for zodiac cruising between the icebergs in the inner parts of the fjords. We may land at the Argentinean station which is unmanned most of the time. Sailing South through the Lemaire Channel we will visit Petermann Island (named after the German geographer August Petermann), our most southerly point of this voyage. We are heading back North with direction Neumayer Channel (named after German scientist Georg von Neumayer). We aim for the historic British station Port Lockroy on Goudier Island. We also hope for a landing on the neighboring island Jougla Point which is inhabited by Gentoo Penguins and Imperial Shags. Sailing north again through Neumayer Channel and Gerlache Strait. We pass by the Melchior Islands with a final glimpse at the beautiful landscape with icebergs, where we may encounter Leopard Seals, Crabeater Seals and whales. We leave from here to the open sea and Ushuaia. YOUR ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP INCLUDES
  •  Accommodations aboard the Plancius, Oceanwide Expedition’s flagship. This 287’ foot vessel was completely renovated in 2010 and is well setup for diving.
  • All meals aboard the ship including snacks and non alcoholic drinks
  •  Diving, usually two dives per day, and tanks and weights. As this will be a diving oriented trip, the ship will have extra dive staff to ensure a great experience.
  • All transfers to and from the ship
  •  Hotel in Ushuaia, Argentina the night before the ship leaves. It is important to get there early in case luggage gets delayed
  • Faith Ortins from DUI and Amos Nachoum, world famous wildlife photographer, will be co-leaders of the expedition. Amos will be available to help with your photography, and Faith will be able to help with your drysuit questions.
Not included: Airfare, fuel surcharges, alcohol and tips on the boat. PRICING There are a variety of cabin on the Plancius and the cabin price is dependent on the cabin selected. Price is per person. Hotel in Ushuaia is double occupancy. Deduct $800 for non-diver rate.

Quad: $17,900 Triple: $19,800 Twin Porthole: $21,150 Twin Window: $21,900 Twin Deluxe: $22,900 Superior: $25,200

This unique adventure will sell out quickly so please reserve your spot soon. PAYMENT SCHEDULE Deposit of $2000 is due upon booking. At this time, you will be asked to select a cabin type. 2nd Payment $5000 due July 2014 3rd Payment $5000 due March 2015 Balance due November 1, 2015 Please contact Faith Ortins at DUI for more information at or 800-325-8439 x313.