Drysuit leak test / do-it-yourself

Bob Stinton, DUI VP Engineering, shows how to test your drysuit for leaks.
  • Make sure the drysuit is completely dry and placed on a dry surface. Do this outside where you can safely drain the water once the test is complete.
  • Turn the drysuit inside out. This is important. Overlays, pockets, and pads can prevent a leak from showing.
  • Use either taper plugs or a beverage can to close off the wrist seals. Tape in place.
  • Reach in through the neck seal to close the drysuit zipper.
  • Place a garden hose inside the drysuit through the neck seal . Tie or tape the seal closed. Place an object under the seal to 'lift' up the neck seal. This will prevent water from running out of the neck seal.
  • As the drysuit fills with water start turning it around and look for wet spots.
  • Find a leak? Mark with a bar of soap or pen.
  • Do not fill the drysuit completely with water. Fill partially and move the drysuit around. Look for leaks and wet spots.
  • As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call! (800) 325-8439 (toll-free within the USA) or (619) 236-1203 or email us at Support@DUI-Online.com.
  • Special thank you to DUI Team Member Bob Stinton.
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