Drysuit Outlet Center

DUI - Diving Unlimited manufactures and offers the very best in drysuits. Many of the items in our Drysuit Outlet Center are brand new, never used and our just waiting for a good home. Prices on many of these items are incredibly low. You won't find a cheaper price on a better drysuit. Have questions? Contact our Support Department by email or give us a call at (800) 325-8439. All purchases are made through the DUI Dealer Network. North American and International DUI Dealers can be found on our website. One big advantage these drysuits have over other similar priced drysuits is the quality in these garments.  DUI uses the best in drysuit zippers, inlet and exhaust valves, overlay materials, seam coating and more.  While a regular cheap drysuit may seem like a bargain it's good to remember that a drysuit zipper replacement has a MSRP of $384 and this does not include waterproof testing fees.  With a DUI Outlet Drysuit you get the best available equipment on the market today. If you find a drysuit with a DUI RockBoot remember that you can size the overboot for your shoe size.  If you have a question on the fit of the drysuit sock send us a quick email or review our drysuit sizing chart.