Drysuit Videos and More

Why Dive DUI DrysuitEXPERT DRYSUIT SERVICE & REPAIR Does your drysuit leak?  Tired of worrying about missing your next dive due to a torn or old wrist seal?  Want to save money on shipping your drysuit back for seal replacements?  DUI offers expert service & repair on ALL brands of drysuits.  You can even have DUI's patented ZipSeals installed on your non DUI drysuit.  Watch our quick video and learn more.
Drysuit manufacture videoMEET YOUR MANUFACTURE Bethy, A.K.A. Bethy SCUBA showcases DUI on her 'Meet your manufacture' segment.  Learn more about the inside of DUI from the outside with Bethy. Click here to watch.
Why Dive DUI DrysuitWHY DIVE DUI DRYSUIT? When was the last time you were cold and had fun?  With a DUI drysuit every diver can be warm and comfortable 'Why Dive DUI Drysuit?'  
A Day at DUI videoA DAY AT DUI Join us for a quick video on 'A day at DUI'  
DOG TV - how to drysuit videos onHOW-TO VIDEOS AVAILABLE ON DOGTV! We have lots of "how to" videos for DUI Owners and Divers who want to learn more about DUI.  Click here for a complete list.
Susan Long interview with SDDT George Chamberlin DUI - past, present and future Susan Long visits with San Diego Daily Transcripts George Chamberlin. They discuss DUI's past, present and future. Learn how DUI has been a successful leader in the manufacture of diver thermal protective garments and how DUI intends to remain the worlds leader in drysuit innovation and design.
DUI – BEHIND THE SEAMS What makes DUI the best … for over 40 years? You will discover why as you follow a diver as he researches DUI, visits his local dealer, and orders his very own DUI drysuit system. Then follow his suit through the DUI factory in San Diego as it is cut, assembled, sealed, tested and inspected. You will experience the quality and workmanship that goes into every DUI drysuit we make.