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Go big or go home! At DUI, the only thing we are more passionate about than designing and manufacturing the world's finest drysuit systems is diving! This is why we have created dive trips equally epic in scope.  Unique destinations, knowledgeable and enthusiastic dive leaders and opportunities to try our newest equipment, you'll want to come along on each adventure.
ANTARCTICA 2016 HONORING SHACKELTON'S 100TH ANNIVERSARY VOYAGE By Faith Ortins Experience our amazing Antarctic Expedition with 30 divers and 4 non-divers on our 23 day voyage than would span over 4,000 nautical miles. We dived and explored some of the most remote places on the planet including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, South Sandwich Islands, Orkney Islands, Elephant Island and the continent of Antarctica. Some quotes from our intrepid explorers: The experience I had on the DUI Expedition to Antarctica for the Sir Ernest Shackelton 100 year anniversary was truly a life changing experience. The places we went and the things we saw were incredible. I also made a lot of new adventure minded friends that will be included on future adventures to the places where few go. Antarctica Dive Trip Report 2016This trip was worth every penny. Justin Hall Folly Beach, SC Do you remember the sense of wonder you had when you were a child, and every creature, every landscape, every sunset, and every starry night was a new and awesome experience? Being in Antarctica makes you feel that way again. Ernest Shackelton wrote of Antarctica, “We had seen God in His splendors…”, and when you are there you realize you are in a place like nowhere else on earth. Greg McCann Kennewick, WA Antarctica Dive Trip Report 2016The Antarctic is a place I have been wanting to visit for many years and when the opportunity presented itself I jumped. It was indeed an epic journey on which, in addition to the Antarctic peninsula we touched in at the Falklands, South Sandwiches, South Orkneys, South Shetlands and Elephant Island, places which played a role in the history of the South Polar Region. The crew and guides on the Plancius were all knowledgeable and approachable. It was also good to meet folks from DUI after having been using their dry suits for so long and Jeff was amazingly patient and helpful to someone who had never dove the poles before. And diving under icebergs is quite unlike anything else I had seen before. A great trip. Bill Wagman Davis, CA Definitely would not dive without the Blue Heat System! This made the water seem warm!! If someone had told me that we would see half of the wildlife that was observed on this trip...I would not have believed them. Sally Wahrmann Port Washington, NY & San Diego, CAAntarctica Dive Trip Report 2016 It was like living in the midst of a National Geographic special for a month. We had epic experience after epic experience with no time to digest one experience before the next occurred. Magical vistas, a plethora of curious and amusing wildlife unafraid of humans, and entrancing icebergs are forever emblazoned in my heart and mind. Diving around icebergs is truly a blast, and leaping off of them? Crazy fun. I thought this was a once in a lifetime trip, but I have to go back. Polar fever is a real thing. Wendy Quimby Framingham, MA In a word...WOW. Thanks DUI for taking me on a trip of a lifetime. Between our diving around icebergs, hiking through unimaginably large colonies of penguins, seals and sea birds, watching whale and Orca populations whose spouting rivaled that of the Bellagio Fountains and exploring remote islands where few have been before, lifetime friendships were built. Ship and crew were perfect for the adventure. I can't wait for the next trip up North and becoming "Bi-Polar". Thanks again for a marvelous expedition. Jim van Gogh Sunnyvale, CA [button link="http://www.dui-online.com/2016-antarctica-dive-trip-report/" type="big" color="orange"] READ TRIP REPORT HERE[/button]  


June 17-27, 2017 Socorro Dive TripOn this unique expedition, the emphasis will be on EXPLORATION! Virgin dive sites, blue water bait balls, remote pinnacles PLUS the typical Socorro hot spots such as Roca Partida and the Boilers. This trip is for the adventurous spirit! Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Socorro Islands Dive Trip details here


June 22-29, 2017 Join DUI on an educational diving oriented adventure to the Arctic Ocean around Spitsbergen. Dive, snorkel and cruise around massive icebergs, spot the endangered polar bear, and explore pristine polar landscapes- all while learning more about medical issues unique to the polar regions. Your adventure will include lectures on diving medicine, dealing with medical emergencies in remote locations and coping with thermal issues in extreme environments. Those who qualify and apply can receive up to 16 CMEs through the University of CA at San Diego’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Spitsbergen: Arctic Ocean Dive Trip details here


September 4-18, 2017 Iceland Green Dive TripJoin Faith Ortins, VP of DUI, and photographers Michael Salvarezza and Chris Weaver from Eco-Photo Explorers, on an amazing expedition to the far North. The itinerary offers the opportunity to explore both Iceland and Greenland above and below the water-perfect for Divers and Non-Divers alike! We will start our Arctic Ocean adventure in Iceland! Imagine diving in a fissure in the Earth’s crust, the separation point between two continental plates, flooded with decades old glacial melt water filtered through 50 miles of lava stone to produce the purest, clearest water on Earth. This is Silfra, one of the most awe-inspiring dives on the unique island of Iceland. Geologically active with hundreds of volcanoes, Iceland presents unique opportunities and challenges for divers. Join DUI as we visit Silfra, and then journey on to dive Strytan, the only diveable hydrothermal vent in the world. While on expedition, we will also explore rivers of hot water and photograph the colorful marine life that inhabits these mysterious waters. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Iceland and Greeland Dive Trip details here


September 23 - October 5, 2017 sea-of-cortez-3Jacques Cousteau and John Steinbeck saw the magic that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez “the worlds aquarium.” John Stienbeck wrote "The Log of the Sea of Cortez" a journey through a remote and beautiful corner of the world, a diary filled with the daily excitements and triumphs of skillful and energetic men. It is also an invitation to see the world anew from a fresh vantage point and perhaps with a broader and more understanding spirit. Dolphins, sea lions, pilot whales, humpback whale, blue fin whales, orca and sperm whales. Flying mantas, blue and brown footed boobie birds, cormorants, frigate birds and the endemic yellow footed gulls. The bio-diversity between the Northern and Southern Sea of Cortez is incredible. Diving the entire Baja is spectacular. The sea life we witness on the surface from the boat, dingy or snorkeling is fantastic.its these mysterious waters. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Sea of Cortez Dive Trip details here


Channel Islands Dive TripNovember 9-15, 2017 We have an amazing dive trip in the beautiful Southern California Channel Islands and lots of fun at the DUI factory. The VP of DUI, Faith Ortins, will host a fabulous dinner at her house! California’s Channel Islands offers some of the best natural beauty the world has to offer. Join us for this amazing liveaboard dive trip. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Channel Islands Dive Trip details here


February 18 - March 3, 2018 2018 Antarctica dive tripJoin Faith Ortins, VP of DUI, and other diving and underwater photography specialists on a truly remarkable educational diving oriented expedition to Antarctica. We embark in Ushuaia, Argentina and sail through the Drake Passage directly to Antarctica. Along the way we will encounter Humpback and Minke whales all while learning about medical and diving issues unique to the polar region. We will tour glaciers and icebergs on zodiac cruises and set foot on the Antarctic Continent in a magnificent landscape surrounded by alpine peaks and huge glaciers calving at sea level. For divers, this is an opportunity to swim with penguins and leopard seals as well as the unique invertebrate life of Antarctica. And don’t forget claiming your own iceberg! Your adventure will include lectures on diving medicine, polar history of exploration, glaciology, underwater photography and more! Those who qualify and apply can receive 16 CME’s through Wilderness Medicine. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Antartica Dive Trip details here2018 Tasmania Dive Trip with DUI


Three dates to choose from: April 1-12, April 12-23, April 21-May 2, 2018 Explore the wonders of down under with DUI as we explore one of the most remote parts of Australia, TASMANIA! Home of the Tasmanian Devil on land and amazingly rich marine life underwater such as weedy sea dragons, fur seals, fish covered wrecks and magnificent kelp forests. On land you can enjoy pristine national parks, incredible historical sites, beautiful hikes and diverse wildlife. Travel with DUI - Diving UnlimitedView Tasmania Dive Trip details here


PAUL HOLBROOK Diving Unlimited Expeditions DUI is excited Paul Holbrook is joining the DUI Team as Expedition Leader on many of our new destinations. From the Belugas of the Canadian Arctic to the Humpbacks of Tonga, Paul’s passion and expertise have taken him to some of the most unique places on earth over his 30 years of expedition diving. Previously a dive retailer, Paul continues to be an active dive instructor as well as a practicing pharmacist in addition to pursuing his passion of exploring new destinations. He particularly loves places that allow him to interact with “big animals”.  In addition to diving expeditions, he has led trips to Base Camp Mt. Everest and large land animal excursions including mountain gorillas. FAITH ORTINS Diving Unlimited Expeditions Our other Expedition Leader will be our own Faith Ortins, DUI's Travel Manager. Faith has spent most of her adult life in the ocean. Starting as a scientific diver and volunteering for public safety diving operations in the 1980’s, Faith became a technical diver and divemaster and has thousands of dives over her 35 year plus diving career. She worked with DUI to develop some of the first women’s drysuits and now leads DUI’s sales team worldwide. Joining DUI in 1997, she was instrumental in the creation of the DUI DEMOTOUR, which promoted local diving while allowing divers to test dive DUI products, and the DIVEOPS program which promoted education about the risks of diving in contaminated water. She continues to lead expeditions around the world including many to the most remote places on Earth. Faith's favorite part about working at DUI is the opportunity to meet such amazing people from all over the world. "I love working with our dealers to help them be more successful in their business and with divers interested in expanding their diving horizons with DUI equipment. And sharing dive stories is pretty fun too!" When not diving or traveling, Faith loves to cook and entertain for her friends. If you get an invite to Faith's house, don't pass it up! One or both of these experienced and fun individuals will be your guide to a fantastic adventure. We are looking forward to having you join us.

[blue]PREVIOUS TRIPS[/blue]

[blue]2016 ANTACRTICA DIVE TRIP[/blue]

Epic adventure to Antarctica.  Read all about it along with amazing photos.

Antarctica Dive Trip Report 2016


Two dive trips to the California Channel Islands helped us in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Trip 2 Group

[blue]2010 ANTARCTICA TRIP REPORT[/blue]

By Faith Ortins After traveling almost 20,000 miles, on 8 different planes, 5 buses, 1 train and 1 amazing ship, we have all safely returned to the US after our incredible expedition to Antarctica. While we are still editing thousands of images and hours of video (and one person is actually waiting for film to be developed!), we have a few images to share and an amazing story to tell. I will try to do it justice! View trip photos and read entire adventure by clicking 2010 ANTARCTICA TRIP REPORT [caption id="attachment_21854" align="alignnone" width="400"]Above photo by Jeff Hannigan Above photo by Jeff Hannigan[/caption]


Adventure in the High Arctic: Spitsbergen Island June 21- July 5, 2012 22 adventurous DOGs (DUI Owners) set out on an expedition to explore the territory and dive sites around the remote island of Spitsbergen. In the land of never ending daylight, we explored historical sites, got up close and personal with Polar Bears and Walruses, got to dive with diving birds and had fun diving among icebergs, amazing walls and more. It truly was a magical trip. Come join us next time. View trip photos and read entire adventure by clicking ARCTIC CIRCLE TRIP REPORT

We look forward to having you join us on one of our epic dive trips!