DUI Knows What Women Divers Want

It's What Women Want! Design team work at DUi - Diving Unlimited InternationalFor years, DUI has designed Drysuit and BC Systems especially for women divers. We know how to fit a woman and how to keep them comfortable. We know because DUI products for women are designed by women. What does this mean? FIT: When was the last time you saw a man in woman’s large BC or drysuit? Never! So why is it still acceptable to put a woman in a men’s small? Not at DUI. Fit means making it smaller through the shoulders, roomier in the hips, shorter in the arms and legs, tapered at the waist, non-binding in the chest, and smaller feet. And we’re just getting started. Design team work at DUi - Diving Unlimited InternationalDESIGN: It has to look good. Period. It used to be that all a piece of equipment had to do was work. Not any more. It has to look as good as it performs. It’s all in the details. COMFORT: No restrictions. No binding. No extra drag. No slop. Easy on. Easy off. PERFORMANCE: The equipment has to do what it promised it would do whether that is keeping you comfortable in cold water or on longer dives, better buoyancy and trim in the water, more flexibility in movement without extra drag. It has to do what we said it would do. Bottom line - we’re not Dive Divas. We’re just divers. We want to be as comfortable and have the same opportunities for adventures as the guys do. It is really that simple. Our women’s design team has a combined experience of over 94 years of designing and developing dive equipment at DUI. From all of us to all of you, you have our commitment, experience, dedication and guarantee that we will do everything possible to make women divers the finest equipment in the world. DUI knows women drysuit diver
Top row, left to right: - Susan Long, President & CEO, with DUI since 1995, Certified diver since 1982 - Carol Heaton, Government & Military Sales Manager, with DUI since 1988, Certified diver since 1988 - Jackie Willey, Customer Services, with DUI since 2003, Certified diver since 1994 - Kathy Long, Webmaster, with DUI since 1994, Certified diver since 1977 Bottom row, left to right: - Pam Oliva , Assistant Production Manager, with DUI since 1982, Certified diver since 1988 - Maria Marostica, Repair Services Manager, with DUI since 1995 - Deaone Simkanin, Production & Warehouse Operations Manager, with DUI since 1982 - Faith Ortins, Vice President, Sales, with DUI since 1997, Certified diver since in 1978