How to don your DUI drysuit with ZipGloves attached

Dave Sweetin answers the question of how to get into your DUI drysuit with Zipgloves attached. Here is a quick recap of the steps involved:
  • Reach in and pull out DUI suspenders.
  • Step into your drysuit just like a pair of pants.
  • Pull up to waist, put suspenders over shoulders.
  • Since your hands are still bare finish getting your dive gear ready. Grab end of sleeves like a jump rope and pull arms up behind you. Reach back, find zipper and neck seal. Put neck seal over head.
  • Adjust seal so that it is flat on your neck.
  • Time to put on your hood and, if you have one, tuck in your warm neck collar.
  • Make sure everything is ready to go on your gear.
  • Put on dry glove liner. Tuck your elbow back into the drysuit and lift up. Which arm? This is usually personal preference.
  • TIP: Lean at the waist. If you are putting in your right arm, lean over to the right side. Left arm, lean left. This allows for more room into the drysuit. It makes a big difference. Secure the crotch strap.
  • Zip up.
  • Nice job. You are ready to dive! A big thanks to Dave who filmed this video entirely by himself and during his busy DOG Rally schedule.