Outlet Center Frequently Asked Qustions


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[expand title="What condition are these items in?"]We have three separate categories. New Used Trade Show Sample[/expand]
[expand title="Why are the new items being sold here in the DUI Outlet Center?"]The reason these items cannot be sold as new is because they are one or more of the following: Signature Series made-to-measure suits that did not fit the consumer Select Series that were returned for any reason (wrong add-ons, size, etc.) Discontinued styles Engineering prototypes Small cosmetic blemish [/expand]
[expand title="Where did the USED items come from?"]We have items that were used by Test Divers, Demo Suits used at the DEMOTOUR events, Engineering prototype products and more. Some items have been used more than others. Please read all information provided on each product.[/expand]
[expand title="Have the seals been trimmed?"]The majority of suits on this list have latex seals which have been trimmed. [/expand]
[expand title="Do you have any Special Offers on seals or add-ons?"]Yes! Any DUI Outlet Center Drysuit (that does not have ZipSeals) can be upgraded with ZipSeals for only $300.00. We also offer boot size changes or add-on accessories at the same price as if ordered on a new DUI drysuit. This is a discounted price. Please make sure and discuss this with DUI Customer Support or you DUI Dealer when ordering.[/expand]
[expand title="Have the drysuits been water tested?"]Yes! All DUI drysuits are tested and certified by our Quality Systems Team before leaving the DUI factory.[/expand]
[expand title="Is there a warranty on my purchase?"]Yes. Warranty varies on DUI Outlet Center items depending on condition. We have indicated the warranty on each drysuit. If you have any questions please contact DUI’s Customer Support Team to verify warranty. [/expand]
[expand title="What other restrictions should I be aware of?"]Due to the substantially reduced pricing, Select-sized items are non-returnable.[/expand]
[expand title="How do I purchase an item?"]In most cases you will purchase your DUI Outlet Center item from your local DUI dealer. We do have some items available for direct purchase. Please see the information provided on the specific product.[/expand]
[expand title="Are new items added often?"]We add items all the time. Please check the DUI Outlet Center often for new additions.[/expand]
[expand title="Who should I contact if I have additional questions?"]DUI Customer Support is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time. You can contact us at (800)325-8439 (619)236-1203 Support@DUI-Online.com Online chat at www.DUI-Online.com [/expand]
[expand title="What do the measurements mean?"] Suits are listed by Gender, then by Size, Style, and Condition. Please take the following measurements and compare it to those of the suit: Chest Waist Hips Girth (total torso circumference) Floor to Crotch (not inseam) Spine to Wrist Shoe Size For additional information on measurements, download the Measuring Instructions (pdf format) DUI Outlet Center [/expand]