Pre-Loved DUI Equipment

List available by clicking here DUI Factory Outlet List Just like a pre-owned Mercedes Benz, DUI has drysuits that, for numerous reasons, cannot be sold as brand-new. This makes owning a DUI more accessible to a greater number of divers than ever before! You, too, can OWN THE BEST! The reason these suits cannot be sold as new is because they are one or more of the following:
  • Signature Series made-to-order suits that did not fit the consumer
  • Discontinued style
  • Trade show floor models
  • Demo suits used in our DEMOTOUR or other purposes
  • Prototypes
  • Pre-Owned
Please note that most suits on this list have latex seals which have been trimmed. SPECIAL OFFER: Any DUI Factory Refurbished Drysuit can be upgraded with ZipSeals for only $300.00. We also offer boot size changes or add-on accessories at the same price as new suits. . All suits are tested and certified by our Quality Control Department before leaving the factory. Warranty varies on Factory Closeout items, please contact DUI's Customer Support Team to verify warranty. Due to the substantially reduced pricing, select sized items are non-returnable.
Suits are listed by Men's or Women's first, then by Size. DiveWear Insulation, BCS's and other DUI equipment follow. Please take the following measurements and compare it to those of the suit: Chest Waist Hips Girth (torso circumference measurement) Floor to Crotch (not inseam)Spine to Wrist Shoe Size For additional information on measurements, download the Measuring Instructions (pdf format) Contact your local North American DUI Dealer or International DUI Dealer for purchase. For specific information on any item email our Custom Support Team Check this site regularly for new additions! List is available in .pdf format. Just click - DUI Factory Outlet List - to view our most current list. Can't view list or need help? Our Customer Support Team is ready to help.