TLS Information

JANUARY 13, 2011 TLS350 Owners For Suits Manufactured Sept ’09-Nov ‘09 If you own a DUI TLS350 drysuit manufactured from September 2009 through November 2009, here's a heads up. DUI received 4 reports of unexplained damp spots inside the suit. Investigation identified inconsistencies in the butyl rubber layer of a single batch of TLS material produced by a single supplier. In some (but not all) cases, microscopic air bubbles in the butyl rubber layer may allow water to seep through the fabric. DUI used that material to make TLS350 drysuits from September 2009 through November 2009. If you've been bothered by an unexplained damp spot, check the manufactured date inside your DUI suit to see if your suit might be affected. The manufactured date with the suit serial number can be found in two places:
TLS350 Serial Number location 1 Warning label inside the back of the drysuit
TLS350 Serial Number location 2 Serial number written on the bottom of the waterproof zipper

If your TLS350 was manufactured during this time, please contact us at, (800)325-8439 or (619)236-1203. If you are in Europe or the UK, please contact BtS at or +49 216 667 541 10. Please provide your name and serial number. DUI IS COMMITTED TO ITS CUSTOMERS. DUI drysuits have a warranty of seven (7) years against defects in materials and workmanship with 47 years of standing behind that pledge. For that reason, if you have any questions or concerns about your DUI, please contact our Customer Service Team at, (800)325-8439, or (619)236-1203.