Weight Trim System

DUI Weight & Trim System Owners DUI Weight & Trim Classic and DUI Weight & Trim II Purchased since July 2010 with Gray Handles DUI recently became aware of a problem with some DUI Weight & Trim Systems shipped after July 2010. If the lanyard and/or cables are not the right length the weight pockets do not easily detach from the harness when the handle is pulled. In the unlikely situation a handle is pulled in an emergency situation, this could prevent the weights from easily dropping as designed. All of the Systems affected have GRAY fabric handles. Systems with yellow plastic handles OR black fabric handles are NOT affected. No incidents have been reported. If you have one of these Systems, stop using it immediately and call DUI at (800)325-8439 or e-mail Support@DUI-Online.com to receive appropriate instructions. We greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us to effect these repairs immediately. Systems shipped after April 20, 2011 with yellow handles or with gray handles AND a large silver stripe are not affected. CLICK HERE for photos of affected and non-affected products Posted April 16, 2011