EAN: 84307018530

Date: November 9-15, 2017


We have an amazing dive trip in the beautiful Southern California Channel Islands and lots of fun at the DUI factory. The VP of DUI, Faith Ortins, will host a fabulous dinner at her house!

California’s Channel Islands offers some of the best natural beauty the world has to offer.



Sunlight filtered by the canopy becomes an array of thin green-yellow splinters illuminating kelp fronds and fish immediately below. Juvenile calico bass and small kelpfish are well-camouflaged between brown kelp stipes and tangled blades. Small groups of sardines, almost invisible against the blue sky above, dart inches beneath the surface where the canopy clears. Slight surge rocks the entire forest gently back and forth.

Dominating the scene are columns of giant kelp and rocky reefs and walls carpeted in short palm frond kelp and clusters of red algae and speckled with sponges, anemones, gorgonian and deep-water hydrocoral. Dropping down only halfway to the reefy bottom below you can navigate to shore, suspended quietly among the towering plants.

Diving will be done on board the M/V Horizon out of San Diego. The experienced captain and dive crew have been diving these waters since 1979! They will be sure to bring you to the most pristine diverse marine environments in southern California!

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