Date: June 17 – 27, 2017


On this unique expedition, the emphasis will be on EXPLORATION! Virgin dive sites, blue water bait balls, remote pinnacles PLUS the typical Socorro hot spots such as Roca Partida and the Boilers. This trip is for the adventurous spirit!

Socorro Report

 30 adventurous divers converged on Cabo San Lucas to board the Nautilus Belle Amie. The first thing you notice is that this boat is not like other liveaboards! First, it is huge- at 147' there is plenty of room for 30 divers with lots of camera gear and STUFF! Plus, with many deluxe suite cabins, stunning photography from Ernie Brooks on the walls, and plenty of places to lounge about in comfort, this boat has all the luxuries you could ask for. It was to be our home for 10 days as we began our 30 hour crossing to Revillagigedos, otherwise known as Socorro.

The crossing gave us plenty of time to get our gear together and to get to know each other. While our group came from all over the US, plus one stalwart Canadian, and from different walks of life, it was soon clear that we had a very compatible and fun group. It is amazing how that usually works out with divers! The boat and crew of Nautilus Belle Amie were top notch! Many of the people on the boat said it was the best boat they have ever been on. Everything from the food to the spacious cabins and salon to the hard working and friendly crew was perfect.  While there were some southerly swells that made some of the typical sites difficult or challenging to dive, they found a way to accommodate everyone's different diving styles and experiences. One group particularly enjoyed the idea of exploring so they were excited to have the opportunity to check out new destinations. However, there was plenty of excitement at Roca Partida. With three full days of incredible manta action, everyone got plenty of manta encounters. One whale shark even came by! And the crystal clear water with little current ensured great photos.

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