April 21- May 2, 2018


Explore the wonders of down under with DUI as we explore one of the most remote parts of Australia, TASMANIA! Home of the Tasmanian Devil on land and amazingly rich marine life underwater such as weedy sea dragons, fur seals, fish covered wrecks and magnificent kelp forests. On land you can enjoy pristine national parks, incredible historical sites, beautiful hikes and diverse wildlife.

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We have two dedicated boats from EagleHawk Dive Centre that allow us to explore a wider selection of remote dive sites. Some of the possibilities include the Giant Kelp Forest, the Caverns and Arches of Waterfall Bay, the Wreck of the SS Nord, deep walls (to 120”), Hippolyte Rocks and Sister Rock.

Whether you love marine life, intricate caverns, caves, walls, canyons or shipwrecks, Tasmania has something for you!

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