Diving Gear Questions

Dry Suits

What is the difference between a Stock, Select, Special Production and Signature Series Drysuit?

I have some questions about the fit of my Signature Series drysuit. What should I do?

Can I get options installed on my stock drysuit or do I need to get a Special Production?

What is the Classic zipper? Why might someone want that style of zipper over the QuickZip?

Why do DUI drysuits cost more than many other brands?

Is a Special Production drysuit a fully custom suit?

What is the toughest drysuit you make?

What are the advantages of self-don vs. shoulder-entry drysuits?

What are the advantages of a TLS Series drysuit vs. a CLX Series drysuit and vice versa?

What are the advantages of a CF200 drysuit vs. a FLX50/50 drysuit and vice versa?

What are the advantages of a TLS350 drysuit vs. a 30/30 drysuit and vice versa?

What is the best suit to use for dive travel?

Can I wear a 30/30 drysuit in colder water?

Why would I want to wear a drysuit in the tropics?

What makes a suit a “short” or a “tall”?

What is a Cave Cut?

What suit is best for diving in contaminated water?

Drysuit Components & Accessories

How to care for your YKK zipper?

What is the best dry glove system for me?

What are the pros and cons of RockBoots vs. TurboBoots?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ZipSeals?

How can I make it easier to install my ZipSeals?

Why do my latex seals seem to be wearing out so quickly?

Which kneepads are more durable?

Why does DUI use RTV to seal drysuit valves and not valve grommets?

Divewear Insulation

Which is better: Thinsulate™ or Polartec®?

Do I really need to wear insulation socks on my feet?

My existing insulation is great but not quite warm enough for really long dives or diving in the winter? What should I do?

How do I wash Thinsulate?

Buoyancy Control Systems

How do I convert my DUI BC for doubles?