Below is a list of manuals that are available on-line for your convenience. Should you have any questions about these manuals or any DUI Product, please contact the DUI Customer Service Team. You can reach our Customer Support Team by email or by calling 800-325-8439 or 619-236-1203.

DUI - Diving Unlimited International

DUI Blue Heat Manual
DUI CXO Drysuit Manual
DUI Drysuit Inflation System Manual
DUI Drysuit Manual
DUI Drysuit Manual - German
DUI Drysuit Manual - Italian
DUI SI-5 Glove Manual
DUI Weight and Trim Classic Manual
DUI ZipSeal Manual
DUI Glue Full MSDS Sheet

Training Manuals 

DUI Drysuit Repair Training 
DUI Risk Management for Public Safety Training

Manuals (Discontinued)

DUI Delta BC Manual
DUI Weight and Trim Classic and WT2 Manual


OMS - Ocean Management Systems

OMS BC and Harness Service Manual All -2019 
OMS BC Service Manual
OMS Buoyancy Compensator Manual
OMS Comfort Harness III Manual Assembly Instructions
OMS Cummberbund Installation Manual
OMS Elastomeric Band Manual
OMS Sidemount Adaptor Manual
OMS Spring Strap Installation Manual
OMS Standard Harness Manual
OMS P-Valve Manual
OMS Airstream Evoque Regulator Manual

Manuals (Discontinued)

OMS Phantom 3 and 7 Service Manual
OMS Phantom 3 Dive Light Manual
OMS Phantom 7 Dive Light Manual
OMS Phantom Pro 1 LED Manual
OMS R250 First Stage Din to Yoke Conversion Manual
OMS R600 1st Stage Service Manual
OMS Remote Knob Assembly and Service Manual
OMS Vega Backup Light Manual
OMS Workhorse Regulator Manual
OMS San Diego Drysuit Manual

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