OMS Dive Gear

Each dive is a training dive for the next dive, you build on your experience with each descent. As your skills progressively improve, you need gear that will adapt per location and to your various styles of diving. Having a modular platform allows you to fine tune your gear configuration to meet the requirements of the dive mission. Today more than ever divers require products that fit their performance needs. Tools which will assist in your continual improvement and making each dive better than the last.

Underwater is a harsh, dynamic, and beautiful environment that is constantly changing. At the surface, conditions may appear calm and serene, only to splash and find yourself racing away with the current. OMS Performance based Buoyancy Compensator Devices systems have been designed as platform products that allow you to adapt as skills improve and diving needs and/or conditions change.

First select a harness system, then the appropriate Air Cell that will get you and your gear to the surface. Consider your weight-integration options in order to offset any required insulation. The heavy duty construction and high quality materials make OMS systems durable enough for any global expeditions as well as weekends at your favorite local dive site.

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