DUI has 3 different boot styles from which to choose:
[expand title="ROCKBOOT SYSTEM"]
This is a 1.5mm neoprene sock attached to the drysuit with a DUI RockBoot worn over the top. This boot style is especially popular for people who do a lot of walking and/or beach diving. RockBoots provide superior ankle support, traction and durability. They also provide a snug fit between a diver’s foot and their fin. In addition to the above benefits, if you wear out a pair of RockBoots, you simply buy a new pair. If you wear out a pair of TurboBoots (below), the entire boot must be cut off and replaced which is a much more expensive repair. A potential drawback is that between the suit, insulation and RockBoot, a diver often needs to upsize their fin if they are not currently diving in a drysuit.DUI drysuit boots RockBoots
[expand title="TURBOBOOTS"]
These boots are attached directly to the drysuit with a sneaker-type sole and ankle straps. These are preferred by divers who prefer a smaller boot or who like not having to carry an extra set of boots. It is also popular with divers who like maximum ankle flexibility for finning. DUI drysuit boots TurboBoots
[expand title="TURBOTEC BOOTS"]
This is an upgrade to your DUI. It is the same as a TurboBoot however it has additional Kevlar for added durability on the high wear areas on the heel and toe. DUI drysuit boots TurboTec
[expand title="SUPERFLEX BOOTS"]
A 3mm nipped noeprene boot that has a close fit and allows divers to wear lighter insulation.  Available on all TLS350, FLX EXTREME, and CLX450 drysuits.  Neoprene drysuits to be available in 2016. drysuit boots superflex
Whatever boot you select, your dealer can help you choose your size OR simply put your shoe size on the form and DUI will select it for you based on our size chart. SPECIAL NOTE: All DUI boots are designed to be worn with DiveWear insulation. If you only intend to wear heavy socks, please tell us otherwise your boots will be too big.