For over 50 years, Diving Unlimited International has been designing and manufacturing DUI drysuits - the premier drysuit brand worldwide.

DUI offers this same expertise in the repair and service of all brands of drysuits.




Mail Drysuits to:
Diving Unlimited
ATTENTION: Repair Department
1148 Delevan Drive
San Diego, CA 92102-2499 USA


The DUI Premium Drysuit Service begins when your drysuit is received at DUI and is matched with the completed DUI Repair Service Order Form. Your drysuit will be given a 20-Point Drysuit Inspection including an in-water leak test.

Throughout this process, information and results are entered and tracked by DUI’s proprietary software system; SaM™ (Service & Maintenance). SaM™ tracks life and service history of DUI drysuits and the service history of non-DUI drysuits sent to DUI for service.

As of 2024, drysuits serviced at DUI will be returned with a service tag attached to the drysuit certifying that DUI did the repair service. If you did not send your drysuit directly to DUI, DUI may not be doing the repair work. DUI is not responsible for repair work done outside of our factory. Drysuits that are not repaired by DUI can void the warranty if not done correctly. Look for a Certified DUI Repair tag attached to your drysuit that looks like the following image.


Upon completion of the 20-Point Drysuit Inspection and in-water leak test, DUI’s Service Team will e-mail the results to you using the contact information you provided on the online DUI Repair Service Order Form. This e-mail will include an itemized list of all recommended work and the cost of each repair. You can approve all or any recommended work to be done. This e-mail will also include the estimated time for completion, in business days, from the date DUI receives your authorization. Please note that repair work will not begin until DUI receives authorization and a method of payment.

All suits receiving DUI Premium Drysuit Repair Service™ will also receive an in-water leak test after completion of the work to ensure the water tight integrity of all repairs.


    Diving Unlimited Address

    Diving Unlimited
    ATTENTION: Repair Department
    1148 Delevan Drive
    San Diego, CA 92102-2499 USA

    Freight & Insurance

    • The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges to and from DUI. Unless otherwise stated, DUI will return all suits via UPS Ground to an address where Ground Service is available. In all other cases shipments are made per customer’s request. All shipments are sent “No Signature Required” unless otherwise specified. Shipments are FOB origin and lost shipments or insurance claims must be made by the customer to the carrier.

    Lead Time

      • Lead time is estimated. Please call repairs for an estimated time. Estimated lead times can change based on demand. DUI is continuing to try and keep our lead times as low as possible.

    Rush Service*

    Rush Service is available. Please contact DUI’s Support Team for availability. Once a RUSH is authorized, any changes made after the authorization may affect the shipping date and could incur additional charges.
    • DUI’s Rush Service will ensure that your drysuit is shipped when you need it. Your drysuit goes to the front of the line and, if necessary, repairs are done on overtime. 
    • Pleas call to get Rush Service pricing.

    International Shipping Instructions

    Customers in other countries should first check with their own Customs Authority and register the merchandise before sending it to the United States for repair. Every country’s Customs Authority has a different procedure and documentation for repairs, so it is important that you stress this registration with your foreign customers before they ship the merchandise back to your company.

    With regard to U.S. Customs, goods to be repaired may be imported under Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB) procedures. The U.S. importer should contact the local Customs office for procedures and bonding requirements.

    The value of a repair should be listed on the commercial invoice. If the repair is a sale, then the invoice should reflect the transaction value. If it is not a sale (for example the repair is under warranty), then the company could list the value as its cost (wholesale value), fair market value, or the company’s cost of production if it performed the repair.
    Most importantly, the company should write the following sentence on the commercial invoice: “No charge: Warranty Repair Value for Customs purposes only.” Even with this demarcation on the commercial invoice, the value of repair, even if under warranty, is dutiable in the United States.

    The Harmonized System (HS) numbers that apply to repairs are 9801 and 9802 as well as Schedule B number 9801.10. These classifications are important both for duty and tax determinations and for trade statistics. Proper classification ensures the importer will not be responsible for full duties and taxes on the item but only on the value of the repair. For trade statistics, using the 9801 and 9802 headings will ensure the U.S. Census Bureau includes only the repair value in the trade statistics and will not double-count the item.

    U.S. companies importing items to be repaired from a foreign buyer should instruct their customers to use HS number 9801.00.1012 on their shipping documentation. After the U.S. company repairs the item and is ready to re-export, it should use Schedule B number 9801.10.0000.

    When a good is returned by a foreign buyer to the U.S. manufacturer for repairs, fixed, and then re-exported, the U.S. firm must file a new SED for the repaired good. The following information is to be included on the new SED:

    1. Field 22: Provide the Schedule B Number and include below it the following text: “merchandise being returned or otherwise exported after repair or alteration in the United States.” The merchandise should be reported as “domestic” under Schedule B number 9801.10.0000 with the proper shipping weight reported.
    2. Field 26: The value reported on the SED for such merchandise should reflect only the cost of the repairs or alterations (including parts and labor). If no charge is made for the repairs or alterations, such as repairs under warranty, report a value representing the cost of such repairs or alterations to the manufacturer. If the value of the repairs or alterations is $2,500 or less, or the merchandise is being shipped to Canada or to U.S. Territories other than Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, no SED is required. When an SED is not required, the bill of lading, airway bill, or other loading document used by the exporting carrier must include the following statement: “No SED required — value of repairs or alterations $2,500 or less.”




    • 90 days from when work was completed. DUI drysuits will be serviced with genuine DUI parts, not copies and/or remanufactured parts as done by some repair services. When servicing other manufacturer’s drysuits, DUI will use the most appropriate DUI part for the repair.

    Drysuit Valve Testing

    • DUI does not service or test valves under pressure. If you believe there is an issue with your valve (i.e. not venting, venting slowly or sticky inlet button), DUI and our valve manufacturer recommend replacing the valve.


    • All prices are subject to change without notice.

    Unclaimed Drysuits

    • Any drysuit that is unclaimed, i.e. work not paid for 60 days after notification of completion of work, or drysuits not receiving work authorization for over 60 days after being contacted for work authorization will become property of DUI and will be sold to recover costs. 


    Handling Charges

    • Avoid $75 handling charge for White’s Fusion Drysuits or any drysuit with an outer layer by removing the drysuits outer skin/layer before shipping the drysuit portion for repair. If a drysuit is received with an outer skin in place there is a handling charge for removing the skin and the skin will not be reinstalled before return shipment.


    • It is recommended that you inspect your drysuit upon receipt from DUI. 
    • DUI must be notified, in writing, 30 days from shipment date of any shortages, overages, irregularities, or dissatisfaction regarding terms, discounts, prices, sizing, or condition of sale. DUI will otherwise assume complete customer satisfaction and acceptance of order as shipped and invoiced. Claims for damages and shortages resulting from common carrier transit are to be filed with the delivery carrier upon receipt of merchandise. DUI will not be held liable for damages during shipping.

    What to Include

    • Ship ONLY your drysuit - Do not ship bags, hoses, hoods, etc. as these can be lost. DUI is NOT responsible for the return of those items.


    If you have additional questions - let us know!

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    (800) 325-8439 or (619) 236-1203


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