Do not measure yourself! Measuring should be done by a properly trained DUI dealer


  • The person being measured should be relaxed, looking forward and standing up straight with their feet approximately 12” apart
  • Measurements should be taken in street clothes and barefoot
  • Use a cloth measuring tape
  • DO NOT make allowances for divewear. DUI will allow enough room for the diver’s insulation based on the information provided on the measurement form
  • During measuring, the person being measured should not move around, look down at the ground or at the person doing the measuring
  • All circumference measurements should be taken at the widest point
  • Refer to the drawing on the back for placement of measuring tape
  • VERY IMPORTANT! You must specify the heaviest type of insulation you will be wearing with your DUI drysuit on the measurement form:
    • Maximum Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro 300 or less
    • Xm450 with thin liner
    • Considerably more than Xm450 - Please describe

    The following measurements should be taken on the person’s front:


    1. Head

    Above the eyebrows straight around head. This measurement helps to determine hood size.


    2. Neck

    Around neck at widest point. Make sure hair is not under the measuring tape (if person is in street clothes make sure collar of shirt is not under measuring tape). This measurement helps to determine hood size and neoprene neck seal size, if applicable.

    3. Wrist

    Across wrist bone (make sure hand is relaxed). This measurement helps to determine neoprene wrist seal size, if applicable.

    4. Forearm

    Widest point below elbow (arm relaxed).

    5. Biceps

    Widest point on the upper arm (arm relaxed). If the person is muscular, have them flex their muscle while this measurement is taken.

    6. Armhole

    With arm straight out to the side and parallel to the ground, wrap the measuring tape around the arm where it joins to the body. Start and end at the top. Have the person drop their arm to the side and then read the measurement.

    7. Chest

    Take this at the widest point. This is usually at the nipple area. (Do not let the person hold their breath during this measurement. They should be relaxed.) If the person is muscular, take a second measurement at armpit area, across the upper chest. Use the larger of the two measurements. Remember, take this measurement at the widest area.

    8. Waist

    At the widest point. (This is usually across the navel. However, make sure that it is the widest point! Again, make sure the person is relaxed and not holding their breath or “holding it in.”)

    9. Hips

    Take this measurement from the side of the person so you can see the placement of the tape. Place the tape around the hips across the widest point of the buttocks. (Make sure they empty their pockets if in street clothes.)

    10. Thigh

    At the widest point.

    11. Calf

    At the widest point.

    12. Knee to Floor

    Place tape on side of leg parallel to center of knee and stretch it straight down to floor. If person is in street clothes have them bend their knee slightly so you can find the center.

    13. Crotch to Floor

    Have the person stand with their feet approximately 12" apart and hold their hand out palm up. Place the end of the tape between their first two fingers. Have them place the hand with the tape in their crotch area snug up against the body. You then stretch the tape straight down to the floor. Make sure the person is standing up straight and not looking down at you as this will shorten the measurement.

    14. Girth

    This measurement is for the entire torso length. Start at the top of the shoulder at the base of the neck. Take tape down the front of the person through crotch area and up the back to the same point on the shoulder where you started (shoulder, crotch, shoulder).

    The following measurements should be taken on the person’s back:

    15. Shoulder to Floor

    Place tape on shoulder next to neck and stretch it down to the floor.

    16. Shoulder Width

    Across the top of the shoulder starting on the curve of the left side where the arm joins the top of the shoulder to the base of the neck and over to the same point on the right shoulder. These points are approximately 2" below the top edge of the shoulder (follow the curve of the start and stop points with the tape measure).

    17. Spine to Wrist

    Have person hold arm out parallel to the ground to the side. Place the end of the tape at the base of the neck and run it along the arm to the wrist bone.

    View Drysuit Measuring Instructions as printable PDF


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