DUI Dive Gear

DUI knows that every diver is different; we've created a system that lets YOU select the drysuit model, design, color, and options to meet your personal style. And with Select and Signature Series sizing, you will get the best fit on the planet!

Diving Unlimited International, Incorporated (DUI) is a diving equipment manufacturing company that specializes in keeping divers warm and dry.
Known as the world's leader in drysuits, DUI also designs and manufactures electrically heated undergarments, highly specialized waterproof bags and equipment for military operations, and Weight & Trim Systems. DUI's customers include passionate recreational divers, technical & exploration divers, public safety divers & special operations teams, scientific & research divers, commercial divers in the North Sea and the US, and friendly foreign military divers, including Special Operations. DUI equipment is sold through 450 professional dive retailers throughout North America and exported worldwide through European distributors, Australia, Korea, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

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