July 10, 2014


EVERY DUI DRYSUIT IS MADE-TO-ORDER. Nothing comes off a shelf pre-made. You design your drysuit exactly as you want it. With 9 distinct styles, 33 sizes and made-to-measure sizing, 42 colors and designs, and countless add-on options, DUI gives you the freedom to design a drysuit as unique as you are. Now we have added two more ways to design your DUI: Choose the type of waterproof zipper and drysuit hose to complete your DUI System at no additional charge. Choose from: [green]WATERPROOF ZIPPER[/green]

TiZip MasterSeal Plastic - New YKK Metal - Classic

For full details click here.

[green]DRYSUIT HOSE[/green]

MiFlex Extreme - New Rubber - Classic

For full details click here. Each option offers its own unique benefits. DUI provides detailed information on these options so divers can choose which will work best for their diving adventures. These new options are available now through all DUI Authorized Dealers in North America. If you have any questions, please contact the DUI Customer Support Team: DIVING UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1148 Delevan Drive San Diego, CA 92102-2499 USA (800)325-8439 (619)236-1203 On-line chat available M-F 8am-5pm, Pacific Time at WWW.DUI-ONLINE.COM [news_date]Added July 10, 2014[/news_date]  

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