April 22, 2017

Learn how to install DUI G2 Neck ZipRing on your drysuit.  

This quick DOG TV episode will show you how easy it is to remove and replace your ZipSeal on your DUI drysuit. (More DOG TV Episodes are available by clicking here)

Detailed Instructions

  • If your drysuit has a warm neck collar pull the neck ZipRing up to completely expose the ZipRing
  • Make sure the ZipRing is clean
  • Due to the rigid nature of the locking mechanism, the rings need to be well lubricated to install.  Use liquid dish soap (do not dilute with water) or DUI ZipStick™ zipper wax.  Be sure to lubricate the ring on the suit and on the seal.
  • Line up the rings and press together. You will hear a snap as the rings get pushed together
  • Continue to press the rings together as you work in a circular direction
  • When finished run your fingers around the ring making sure the rings are together
  • Take a moment and inspect the rings
  • Make sure the ZipRings are together
  • If you notice the rings are slightly apart you want to press these together
  • Once installed pull firmly on the seal. The seal should not pull free

That’s it. So easy and ready to go diving

Download a copy of the DUI ZipSeal manual here