We want Divers with grit. True grit means different things to people; for us it is as much the planning and proper execution of the dive plan as the actual dive itself.  When you spend years training for that one dive of a lifetime only to discover that you must put your goal off for another a year due to weather, but you do this with gusto knowing that when you finally meet your goal it will make the experience even more memorable.

If you are the type of person who doesn't mind packing all of your gear 7 miles into the jungle, or driving 26 hours' cross country because you don't trust the airlines to get it safely to your destination you are the kind of person that we want to work with.

If you daydream about being the first to find ancient remains, or spend hours immersed over bathymetry data looking for anomalies, we want you to share your discoveries using our products. 

Our Ambassadors have grit; they are the type of divers that enjoy the journey as much as the culmination of a properly executed dive.  They are resourceful in how they overcome set-backs.  They use OMS and DUI products because they know that they can depend on them.  The equipment is merely a tool to be used to complete the dive mission. 

They share their experiences through social media in order for others to learn and be inspired.  The go to places that are harder to get to than the places that serve exotic cocktails with multiple umbrellas in them.  Our Ambassadors are real divers.

 Alberto Nava
Laura James
German Yanez
Ryan King
Brett Hemphill