Amos Nachoum

Ten Questions with Amos Nachoum
Q. When / where did you start diving? A. I have started my ocean activities in the early '60 in Israel, sailing, free diving and spear fishing. Q. What motivated you to become a diver? A. I became intrigued by the wildlife underwater and wished to be able to stay longer than the three to four minutes I did at time. Shortly after the second or third dive on SCUBA I have replaced the spear gun with camera and never looked back again... Q. Where have you been, where are you going? A. I have just returned and I mean it, it was Thursday when I returned from one month photo expedition of the Big 7 concept in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The goal was to photograph 1-Great White Sharks, 2-Southern Right Whales, 3-Lions, 4-Leopards, 5-Cheetahs, 6-Elephants, 7-Rhinos and much more and we did it and much more - watch out for my next web pages.Next week I will be leading two teams of four guests only to photograph the Humpback Whales in the Kingdom of Tonga and Niue Q. What diving accomplishment are you most proud of? A. In the past few years some editors start calling me the "Ambassador of the Big Animals" - that is my greatest accomplishment. It is about 20 years ago I started the BigAnimals Photography & Expeditions business. My goal is to enrich the public knowledge with my photography, stories and expeditions - to raise the awareness and harness this energy to protect the Big Animals for future generations. Q. Has your research been published? A. Yes...I guess I forgot to mention two of my biggest accomplishments, which are my books. So among the things I am most proud of is: to have been invited to co-author the Eastern Pacific Nudibranchs book with Dave Behrens and a Mexican government grant that I received to publish a book in Spanish: Opistobranquios de Mexico. Q. What will the sport of diving be like 20 years from now? A. Most likely more sophisticated. Look at the growth in the usage of Rebreathers equipment & training. The emerging fleet of commercial and mini submarine. I think we will have more Aqua travelers rather than divers per say as we know it today. Q. Who do you admire in the diving community? A. Dr. Sylvia Earle - she is smart, powerful, well connected, tireless advocate of the Ocean and its future. She is the most unassuming power house bottled in her small physics. Q. Do you have any pre-dive, dive, or deco rituals? A. No - only using common sense, respect to the ocean and its habitat. Adhere to the basic rules of survival and camaraderie. Q. Do you have any advice for a new drysuit diver? A. Test it first in a known environment and more than only once before you venture into a remote destinations. If you learn to use it well, it is fun and it open many new and exciting dive locations around the world. Q. Do you know any good dive / fish jokes? A. Sorry, I am not a good joke teller. Matter of fact that is one of the reason I practice working with cameras. That is my tool of communications in sharing my feeling and thoughts. Q. Where can people find out more about you, your productions, books? A. First and foremost please review my website - - perhaps the richest in images travel website you find on the internet. After all, any expedition I offer to the public I have been scouting it first. I have been leading photo assignments and expeditions for over 30 years and I have the widest collection of BigAnimals images. 10 Questions with Amos Nachoum10 Questions with Amos Nachoum Amos Nachoum ice diving in his DUI dry suit Amos Nachoum in his DUI drysuit 10 Questions with Amos Nachoum