An American Success Story

dick_long_aboutSkin Diving Unlimited started in 1963 because our founder, Dick Long, loved to dive. And at 6’2” and 130lbs, he was virtually freezing to death. He opened a dive store in San Diego with $1500 and an old air compressor and started making custom wetsuits. Through his innovative designs and techniques, he quickly garnered a reputation as “The Guy” to help keep divers warm. In the late 60’s, DUI invented hot water suits and systems for commercial and military divers. This allowed divers to go to deeper depths and for longer periods than ever believed possible. DUI’s designs were used in the frigid waters of the North Sea for the Offshore Oil Industry and in SeaLab I & II. And divers welcomed the Apollo astronauts back to earth wearing their custom designed DUI wetsuits.
Message from the Founder