Be a DUI BlueHeat Demo Facility


Work in the dive industry long enough and you see a lot of good ideas. Then there are the real game changers. DUI BlueHeat is a game changer. Over the last few months Scuba Center has been actively working to help introduce DUI BlueHeat. We are using the basic concept outlined in the DUI How to sell DUI Drysuits 101 video … “You’ve gotta get them to kick off their shoes”! We started with the Scuba Center staff, as they are on the front lines of getting this off the ground. If they believe in (and understand) the system, it is much easier to get them to promote it. Living and working in Minnesota, they know a few things about cold water diving. They just needed to understand the potential and experience the comfort first hand. BlueHeat is not just another undergarment. It is the next generation of diver thermal protection. Getting BlueHeat systems in front of the public is the next step. We have staff using the systems at some of our events and classes and students immediately ask what it is. BlueHeat really is a natural conversation starter! You can’t lead the conversation with price - think comfort. BlueHeat is a concept, not just a product. While it may not be for every diver, comfort has a way of selling itself. Can the diver get in an extra dive a day? Can they extend their season a month or two? Think outside the box. Are there commercial or scientific divers in your market who could benefit from using BlueHeat? What about that Antarctica trip your shop (or DUI) is planning? Scuba Center is proud to be one of the first authorized BlueHeat Demo Facilities. Having demo systems and in-store displays has already resulted in sales. It has been a pleasure working with the DUI staff and helping them refine the concept. We are happy to be involved at this early stage and look forward to working with BlueHeat as it evolves. John AveryScuba Center, MN logo Director Public Safety and Govt Operations Scuba Center Eagan, MN [nggallery id=36]