Test dive DUI's latest innovation BlueHeat - heated DiveWear insulation at a DEMOTOUR this year.

DUI BlueHeatBlueHeat is electrically heated DiveWear insulation for the body, hands and feet. It is the most powerful system on the market and it’s simple and easy to use. This is the only system to meet diver safety standards. Recreational, technical and scientific divers will appreciate the warmth and comfort that only diving in DUI’s BlueHeat system can offer. For testing BlueHeat at the DEMOTOUR we strongly suggest you are already a drysuit diver and are comfortable diving dry. The connection for BlueHeat is made through the drysuit inlet valve. For this reason we recommend using one of DUI’s DEMOTOUR drysuits. With over 100+ drysuits available to choose from we are certain to have a suit that fits you. Purchase your advance DEMOTOUR ticket with BlueHeat. With your advance ticket purchase we will know you are coming to the event and wanting to test dive BlueHeat. We will contact you for sizing purposes. Since the garment is designed for close fitting make sure to select your correct size. Some divers even go down a size on BlueHeat. At the DEMOTOUR make sure and let us know you have arrived. If you have any questions or concerns talk with the BlueHeat person at the DEMOTOUR. We can answer all your questions and get you geared up and ready to dive. Mini BlueHeat Events are also available by select DUI BlueHeat retailers. These are: BlueHeat DEMO on the Garloo May 3  BlueHeat DEMO on the John Jack May 3  BlueHeat DEMO on the Cape Ann May 9  By clicking on the above link you’ll find out information on these unique boat trips. Space is limited. Tired of being cold in the water? Want to try the latest in diver comfort? Join us for a BlueHeat DEMOTOUR experience you won’t soon forget.