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2017 DUI & OMS Product Images - Zip Archive for Download

(Organized by Product Categories)
1 - Drysuits
2 - Diverwear Insulation
3 - BC Systems
4 - Harness
5 - BC Wings
6 - Regulators
7 - Safety Accessories
8 - Masks
9 - Fins
10 - Dive Essentials
11 – Bags

Account Managers

DUI's Account Managers are dedicated professionals with years of experience in everything DUI and it's affiliated products.  They are not assigned a particular territory but rather work as a team to provide the best dealer support in the industry.


Jay Dornheggen     Midwest Account Manager     x311

Scott Welchons     Western Account Manager     x301

Jack Derr     North East / Florida Account Manager     x323

Jessica Harned    Public Safety Account Manager     x318

Carol Heaton     Military Account Manager     x310

Pete Nawrocky      Senior Account Manager  (757) 679-1930

Faith Ortins     Senior Account Manager    (619) 405-2493

Oren Shaffer    Export Account Manager     (619) 770-8549

DUI Rental Centers in Northeast, Midwest & Southeast

We are proud to offer divers the opportunity to test dive our drysuits and gear at DUI Rental Centers.

Southeast - Dive Georgia

Northeast - Dutch Springs 

Midwest - Mermet Springs