DeCon "U" Shower


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Portable DeCon "U" Shower by MITI

The Portable DeCon U Shower is specifically designed to deploy quickly and to minimize the amount of waste water created during the decontamination process. The System is uniform in design to be used independently or with the MITI DeCon Hoop ™, Pools and Secondary Ground Pad/Berm Systems.
Portable DeCon shower by MitiFEATURES
  • Deploys in less than one minute
  • Constructed of high strength aluminum tubing
  • Nyglas cam-lock quick couplers for quick leak-free connections
  • Breaks down for easy stowage in confined spaces
  • Powder coated safety orange for high visibility, chemical and corrosion protection
  • Comes complete with DUSB-50 storage bag


Assembled: 52” Base Diameter, x 50”: Shower Width, x 7.5’ Height Disassembled:5” W x 54” L, 30” H (2.70x137.16x76.20cm) 29lbs/13.1kg
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Portable DeCon Waste Pools by MITI

Drysuit diver in portable decon waste poolProvides Waste Water Retention and Containment Self-Expanding Reinforced Sidewall (Airless) DeCon Wash/Waste Pool Designed to be used in conjunction with MITI Decon DH50 showers and DH40 Series hoops, and other similar DeCon equipment. Quick set up for on-site use. The pool is reusable, the liner disposable. Provides cost effective waste4 water retention and containment. Unique design compresses for stowage and requires no air or water to inflate. MITI’s Portable Decon Pool System incorporates a durable and removable protective ground pad with permanently attached belts and quick couplers. This ground pad design enables the user to quickly attach the pool’s waste water retention ring. Once the ring is in place, the pool’s disposable liner – made of polyethylene – is quickly and easily laid over the ring and tucked into place for use. DP-6 Decon Pool 62” ID (157.48cm) x 78” OD (198.12cm) 85 gal (322 liters) capacity, 32lbs (14.51 kg) DPL-66 (Liners also sold separately) Includes ground pad, retention hose and storage canister.  Fabric colors may vary
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