Demo Tour Tickets

Drysuit DEMOTOUR tickets are available online

They are also available at supporting DUI Dealers.  Please note that some events require advance ticket purchase through a participating dealer. Check the event listing here.Drysuit DEMOTOUR tickets here Join us for an amazing event at your nearest DUI DEMOTOUR. Here you can test dive DUI drysuits, DiveWear – drysuit insulation, as well as our Weight and Trim Systems, DUI BlueHeat – heated insulation and lots more. We bring together local DUI dealers, scuba instructors and diving enthusiasts. Working together makes the DUI DEMOTOUR truly unforgettable. Your ticket includes access to diving our amazing drysuits and equipment. We also have a FREE Barbecue lunch, collectors Test Diver cap and more.
Why join us at a DEMOTOUR event? Here’s what DUI’s President, Susan Long, has learned:
Susan DUI drysuit SOME PEOPLE JUST FEEL BETTER UNDERWATER “There’s a special group of people on this planet who are more comfortable and more alive when they are underwater. Their mind clears and their blood pressure goes down. And there is nothing that let's them spend more time underwater than a DUI drysuit." DIVERS LIKE TO SHARE “I see it constantly: New divers are hungry for information and experienced divers are happy to share, so it comes as no surprise that divers spend more time talking about diving than diving. And the DEMOTOUR is a perfect place to do that: Talk about your equipment, air consumption, your last dive vacation, the stupid thing your buddy did, what piece of gear you want and more." SOME OF THE BEST DIVING IS NOWHERE NEAR A COAST “Most of the DUI DEMOTOUR Events are at lakes and quarries – one is even in an aquarium. Divers don’t need salt water to be happy – there are so many amazing locations to dive around the US and the world; if you only dive in the ocean you are missing out on a lot of excitement!” Purchase your DUI drysuit DEMOTOUR tickets here.