Frequently Asked Questions
First off we want to thank you for your interest in our DEMOTOUR. We've put together an incredible program designed to give first time drysuit divers a safe, comfortable, fun diving experience. This event also offers an experienced drysuit diver, DOGs (DUI Owners Group) and their family a chance to test dive new DUI equipment, talk with key industry divers, and just hang out and enjoy diving. Your time is of considerable value. We want you to get the most out of your time spent with us. To do this we try and provide as much information to you as possible. Each location will have a Diver Fact Sheet which provides specific information on that location. If you find you have a question we haven't answered please contact us at We're even available by phone at 800-325-8439 ext. 301 will take you to right to Customer Support Team Member. What if I've never dived a drysuit? This is the event for you. You will be helped with the equipment selection and sizing process by trained professionals and then will be guided on your dives by experienced drysuit divers. Comfort and safety is the main goal. Do I still have to go with a guide if I am already drysuit certified? No, you are welcome to dive with a buddy while trying DUI drysuits, divewear, and BCs. Remember to dive within the limits of your training and current experience. Should I bring my Certification Card? Yes.  You must have your SCUBA certification card.  Also please fill-out and print our Rental & Liability Release Form.  Please DO NOT fill out the sizing portion.  This will be filled while being fitted for your DUI equipment. Can I buy DUI equipment at the event? No, these events are not designed as a sales event. Your local dealers and DUI work together to provide you with a fun and safe diving experience- without any sales pressure. We will give you a list of participating dealers so you may visit one near you after the event. Who Staffs the DUI DEMOTOUR? DUI has factory staff at all events.  Susan Long, DUI's President and CEO, will be attending some of the DEMOTOUR Events along with Faith Ortins, Jessica Harned, Janet Mariscal, Troy Sandy, and David Anton. This year your DUI Staff will be in a different shirt from the volunteers.  If you have a specific need that a volunteer cannot attend to, please seek out a DUI staff member. Can I get measured at a DEMOTOUR? Yes.  Come on out and get fitted for your DUI drysuit at any DEMOTOUR. What if the weather is bad? Rain or shine these events go on as planned. We've had some incredible weather and some incredibly bad weather. But hey we're in drysuits right. What about lunch? All DEMOTOUR Events have a BBQ lunch which is included in the price of your DEMOTOUR ticket.  Lunch is served from 11 AM to 2 PM.  Sorry but the grill is not available after these times.  We always have plenty of food, please schedule some time for lunch. What about my family? Don’t want to tell your family you are off diving again this weekend? This is a diving event for the whole family so bring them along. Most of the locations have plenty of things for the kids to do and everyone will enjoy the barbecue lunch. You can purchase additional tickets for lunch and the Saturday evening dinner (at select locations) for your non-diving family and friends. Children under 6 eat free with a paid adult. Do I need to have my own equipment? You will need to provide your own tanks, regulator, weights, mask, and snorkel and fins.  Many of the locations have equipment rental onsite or nearby so call ahead and reserve any needed equipment. DUI will install a drysuit inflation hose onto your regulator and will loan you the drysuit, insulation, Weight & Trim System as needed. What if my fins are too small for drysuit boots? We have a limited selection of fins with large foot pockets. These are available for use by divers at the event. Do I need a bathing suit? You will want to wear a bathing suit under the drysuit and insulation as regular clothing can bunch up and be uncomfortable. Can I wear my cotton t-shirt? While everyone loves the comfort of their favorite cotton t-shirts we advise against wearing cotton when diving dry.  The reason is that cotton will absorb body perspiration prior to and during your dive.  Once damp the cotton will cool the body.  For maximum comfort wear a garment that is designed to wick perspiration away from your body. What happens if something doesn't seem to work right? We can help! This is all new to most TEST DIVERS so please let us know if something doesn't work the way you expected. Sometimes a wrist seal doesn't get seated properly or hair was left under a neck seal. Tell us what happened so we can show you how to fix it. Does everybody take to diving dry immediately? Many do but for some, the real fun starts when they get more accustomed to the equipment.  Come out and stay a while and really learn what works best for you. We have over 130 drysuits at the DEMOTOURs in the most popular styles ranging from XS - 6XL. But we don't have every style in every size. If there is something special you want to try, give our Customer Support Team a call and we can tell you if it is available to demo dive. In the rare case we do not have a particular style or size, our DUI Staff can help to explain the similarities between styles to help you select the ideal DUI for you. Where do I buy tickets? You can purchase advance tickets on the DUI website or visit a participating DUI Dealer. For some events including the Oregon Aquarium Event advance tickets are not available on the DUI website.  You MUST pre-register and purchase your ticket prior to this event at a participating dealer. Hey do you need any volunteers? The answer to this one is YES. These events take a lot of community support. We are looking for experienced DUI drysuit instructors, dive masters, divers and others. Can you flip burgers? We've got a job for you. To volunteer please contact What is the least busy time at a DEMOTOUR Event Generally speaking Sunday morning is the least busy time at our events. What if I have latex allergies? Click here for information concerning latex allergies Most divers can use DUI’s latex seals comfortably. However, should you have a latex allergy, using these products are completely up to you. We do have silicone ZipSeals for the wrist and neck in a limited supply.  Please contact us prior to your DEMOTOUR event and we will try to reserve some for you.  While neoprene seals are available on any DUI drysuits when purchased, all of DUI’s drysuits for test diving are outfitted with ZipSeals. If you have any questions or concerns prior to attending the DUI DEMOTOUR event, please e-mail On site payment? On-site tickets are not available at all locations.  Please consult the Diver Fact Sheet for your event to see if on-site tickets wills be available.  Advance tickets are always available at your participating dealer and usually online.  If you are purchasing your tickets on-site, please bring cash as credit cards can not always be accepted given the remoteness of some locations.   Purchase your DEMOTOUR tickets in advance and save BIG!. Have fun!