DEMOTOUR Participating Dealers

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March 21-22 Catalina Island, CA [expand title="Casino Point**"] [event_dealers code="15Cat"] [/expand]
April 25* Whites, GA [expand title="Dive Georgia**"] [event_dealers code="15GA"] [/expand]
May 16-17 Bethlehem, PA [expand title="Dutch Springs"] [event_dealers code="15DS"] [/expand]
May 30-31 Monterey, CA [expand title="Breakwater Cove"] [event_dealers code="15Mon"] [/expand]
June 12-14 Newport, OR [expand title="Oregon Coast Aquarium**"] [event_dealers code="15OCA"] [/expand]
June 27 Everett, WA [expand title="Mukilteo Lighthouse**"] [event_dealers code="15Muk"] [/expand]
June 28 Tacoma, WA [expand title="Les Davis Pier**"] [event_dealers code="15Les"] [/expand]
September 11-13* Findlay, OH [expand title="Gilboa Quarry"] [event_dealers code="15Gil"] [/expand]
September 19-20 Metropolis, IL [expand title="Mermet Springs"] [event_dealers code="15Mer"] [/expand]
September 26-27 Alexandria Bay, NY [expand title="Alexandria Bay Marine Park"] [event_dealers code="15Alx"] [/expand]
October 3-4* Gloucester, MA [expand title="Stage Fort Park"] [event_dealers code="15Sta"] [/expand]
October 16-18* Rawlings, VA [expand title="Lake Rawlings"] [event_dealers code="15Raw"] [/expand]
November 13-15* Chiefland, FL [expand title="Manatee Springs"] [event_dealers code="15Man"] [/expand]
November 21* Terrell, TX [expand title="Clear Springs Scuba Park**"] [event_dealers code="15Cle"] [/expand]
  *EVENTS WITH A DUI DIVEOPS PUBLIC SAFETY DIVER PROGRAM.  Click here for more information. ** EVENTS REQUIRNG ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE THROUGH A PARTICIPATING DUI DEALER OR ONLINE.  Please note Oregon Coast Aquarium tickets can only be purchased from a participating DUI dealer.