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KEEP DIVERS DIVING WITH DUI EXPEDITIONS The biggest challenge our industry faces is keeping divers active and diving. DUI demonstrates our commitment to that effort with our annual DEMOTOUR. The DEMOTOUR lets more than 2,000 divers and 1,000 volunteer staff experience how drysuits make local diving more fun and accessible than ever before. There are also divers that are interested in exotic and faraway places for diving. And whatever keeps divers active and diving is what DUI wants to do! DUI has led DOG-only expeditions to some colder destinations including British Columbia, Galapagos, Alaska, Antarctica, and the Arctic. Due to the success of these trips, dealers and divers have asked DUI to broaden our travel program and highlight destinations most dive stores have a harder time facilitating on their own. With the help of key partners in the travel industry, DUI is expanding its travel program to include more destinations with most trips open to all divers. Trips will still focus on cooler water destinations though we will also include warmer destinations where we highlight our 30/30 tropical drysuits as well as OMS equipment. .PDF Flyers Antarctica  |  Guadalupe  |  Tasmania  |  Maldives 2015 CALENDAR Tasmania April 9-19 Dealer Commission 15% and 1 free for 8 sold DUI San Diego and Great White Sharks of Guadalupe aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie DEALER ONLY TRIP September 2-9 Special price for dealers and their staff DUI San Diego and Great White Sharks of Guadalupe aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie September 28-October 4 Dealer Commission 10% and 1 free for 6 sold Maldives aboard the Manthiri November 13-23 November 24-December 4 Choose from two back to back trips and enjoy personalized attention on the 12 passenger vessel Commission 10% and 1 free with 6 sold! Our 2016 calendar will be finalized at DEMA but will include the Azores, Sea of Cortez and the Solomon Islands in addition to Antarctica! For all trips, DUI dealers will receive commission and have the opportunity to earn a Free of Charge (FOC) berth WITH NO RISK! DUI will handle all the logistics and make the boat/destination payments. Some trips will earn a FOC spot with as little as 6 sold! Or you can send your customers with us and know they will be taken care of. Either way, we will both benefit by keeping divers diving. And divers will benefit from a professionally run trip that is different from what they can find on-line. To participate or for additional information, contact Faith Ortins DUI Vice President / Sales Faith@DUI-Online.com Paul Holbrook DUI Travel Specialist phdive17@yahoo.com We are happy to show you how this program can compliment your existing travel program and increase your travel and equipment sales.