DOG TRICKS: San Diego Shuffle

[caption id="attachment_28961" align="alignright" width="300"]Susan and Melanie pre-dive Susan Long with extra arms? Nope. She's just doing the San Diego Shuffle![/caption]
Written by Kathy Long, Diver & DUI Web Systems Manager December 2013 If you have ZipGloves attached to your DUI self-don drysuit, or if you are thinking this might be an option for you, you’ll want to learn the San Diego Shuffle! The San Diego Shuffle is the easy way to put your drysuit on when ZipGloves are attached to your DUI. Learning this method will allow you to: 1. Learn how easy it is to put your suit on with ZipGloves attached 2. Let you make sure your neck seal is seated correctly on your neck (ensuring a dry dive) 3. Allows you be in your drysuit faster than anyone else! Below we have a video showing DOG Dave Sweetin getting into and out of his DUI using the San Diego Shuffle.George getting into his DUI drysuit Here are the steps for the San Diego Shuffle: 1. Prior to getting into your DUI, make sure all your gear is set-up and ready to dive. Adjust any mask or fin straps, get your hood handy, etc. 2. Put on your DUI just like normal up to the waist and put on your suspenders. 3. Grab the end of sleeves like a jump rope and pull the arms of your drysuit up behind you. 4. Reach behind your head, find zipper and neck seal. Put neck seal over head. You still have bare hands so you can adjust seal so that it is flat on the neck. TIP: This is one reason the San Diego Shuffle is perfect. You can adjust the seal yourself making sure it is smooth and flat against the neck. No need to rely on your buddy! 5. Use your free hands to put on hood and tuck away any stray hairs. Also tuck the skirt in the warm neck collar if you have one. 6. Notice any last minute changes needed to your dive gear? This is the time to make them. 7. Put your dry glove liner on your left hand. Tuck your elbow back into the drysuit and lift up. Bending will help you get your drysuit on easierTIP: Bend at the waist slightly (bringing your shoulder closer to your hip). If you are putting in your left arm, bend over to the left side. If the right arm, bend over to the right side. This can allow for more room into the drysuit. It makes a big difference especially if you have a more closely fitting DUI. 8. Close your Velcro wrist strap. Put on your wrist computer, compass, etc. 9. Put your dry glove liner on your right hand. Tuck your elbow back and insert your arm. Close your Velcro wrist strap. 10. Pull down the fold on your drysuit, secure the crotch strap and zip up. Nice job. You are ready to dive!  

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