DOG TV - DUI BlueHeat Heated Insulation

Welcome to our DOG TV series. We've put together a series of short videos explaining our Evolutionary BlueHeated Heated DiveWear Insulation.  These short videos cover the basics of the BlueHeat System.  These include:  

What is BlueHeat?Amos Nachoum BlueHeat heated drysuit insulation

BlueHeat is the next evolution in diver comfort. Most divers think that heated undergarments are for technical divers only. And even then, most on the market are underpowered, poorly designed and even unsafe. Until now. For three years, DUI has been diligently developing a diver heating system that will out perform all systems in heating performance and design as well as meet diving safety standards. We are pleased to introduce BlueHeat™. More information on BlueHeat is available by clicking here TEST DIVE BlueHeat at these select retailers Would you like to see additional topics on DOG TV?  Please email us with your suggestions.