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Ghost Fishing and DUI drysuitsGHOST FISHING and DOGs Ghost fishing is a term used that describes what happens when derelict fishing gear continues to fish. Here are some amazing DOGs who are trying to stop this. Heather Hamza, Here is a description of the initiative at The Infidel was a squid fishing boat that sank off the east end of Catalina in 2006. On that day, the purse seiner net was so heavy with squid that instead of pulling the net onto the boat- the net pulled the boat into the ocean. This story has been told several times, and I believe this closely represents what happened: A purse seiner net is worth thousands of US dollars, so it seemed like a good idea to try to salvage the net. The net was retrieved, however when the insurance company was informed of what it would cost to get the net back, they opted to cut the net free and file a claim instead. The net fell back onto the wreck, covering it like huge black curtains of death. As long as the net remains in the ocean it continues to fish. Several clean-up attempts have already been made, namely with Ocean Defenders Alliance. It has also been rumored that a second net was caught on the wreck. Since this is a technical dive (150 feet or 50 meters), it limits who can be involved in the clean-up efforts. As the project coordinator, I am recruiting GUE divers with a minimum of Tech 1 certification. Divers must be comfortable running line, using lift bags, working in silted-out conditions, and dealing with heavy current. We are actually very lucky to have a pool of GUE divers in Los Angeles and San Diego that meet these requirements!  LAUE/ SDUE is genuinely interested in making this wreck a safe habitat for marine life. At this depth, the wreck would be a perfect home for large ling cods, cabezons, plumose anemones, and wolf eels. This net has already claimed countless lives including sea lions, crabs, fish, and cormorants (southern California sea birds). We are deeply committed to this initiative, and will continue to return to the site until all of the nets are gone!  On a final note, I would like to mention that it is the demand for seafood which fuels the problem of ghost nets. Every single person who stops eating seafood DOES make a difference. Pass it on!  See more at:

Added September 16, 2013

Becky Kagen Schott featured in DiverBecky Kagan Schott in DIVER MagazineGreat article featuring Emmy Winner Becky Kagan Schott in Diver Magazine.  Written by Michael Menduno you will be sure to enjoy learning about this incredible diver and fellow DOG.  Click here for the .pdf.

Added February 6, 2013

DUI DOGs help kelp regenerationDavid Huang helps with kep regeneration in the Santa Monica areaThree years ago, Southern California Edison pushed basketball-size rocks from a barge off San Clemente. Little did the utility realize that the kelp reef it created would thrive the way it has, or as quickly. Click here for full article.

Added May 19, 2011

Roger Hanlon - Cuttlefish camoflaug studiesRoger Hanlon and Revealed: Secrets of the Camouflage MastersFellow DOG Roger Hanlon studies the camouflage abilities of cuttlefish.  Watch a short video clip 'Revealed: Secrets of the Camouflage Masters'.

Added April 19, 2011

Laurynn Evans and Kathryn Arant - filming Giant Pacific Octopus life birthThe birth of alien-like creatures.Fellow DOGs Laurynn Evans and Kathryn Arant film the simultaneous birth of 50,000+ Giant Pacific Octopus.  King 5, a Seattle local newstation, feature these two and their extrodinary story and dives that highlight the births.Click here to view King 5 segment Click here to watch Hatch Video on Youtube Click here for footage of the Octopus play date

Added December 2010

Laura - DUI DOGA Visitor On Their Planet”: Looking Below the Surface with Laura JamesKPLU environment reporter Liam Moriarty chats with DUI DOG Laura James. Read this fun article by clicking here.

Added September 2010

Michael Lang DUI DOGValidating scuba as research methodology Presented by Michael A. Lang, Director, Smithsonian Marine Science Network, Washington, DC. Michael is also a DUI DOG and one of our Greatest Divers in the World.  Go Michael!

Added July 2010