DEMOTOUR Dry Suit Diver Photos from Oregon Coast Aquarium

2015 Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR June 12-14, 2015
Eager dry suit test divers descended on Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR for the DUI DEMOTOUR.  We had an amazing group of volunteers, test dry suit divers and local DUI dealers.  Wonderful weather added to the diving enjoyment over the weekend.  Lots of great photos were taken of the dry suit divers and we hope you take a moment to look through the fun photo gallery. Thank You: Each and every DUI DEMOTOUR event takes hundreds of man hours. From pitching tent stakes, unloading and reloading the truck, turning dry suits inside out at the end of the day, BBQ lunch for hungry scuba divers, family and friends...and this list goes on and on. We at DUI love bringing these DEMOTOUR's to your local diving area. We love bringing our dry suits out to you to test dive. We could not have these events without the dedication of the many individuals who spend hours helping before, during and after the events. Our thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of you. You can also find dry suit test diver photos on our Facebook page at DUI.Diver. Please enjoy these photos taken of the scuba divers as they tested DUI dry suits. Participating Dealers
Eugene Skin Diving Supply Seven Seas Scuba Hydrosports Oregon City Scuba Oregon Coast Aquarium
Aaron Steward Abby Hollingshead Andrea Lara Andrea Powell Anne Mefford Barry Cline Barry Dunford Becky Cutter Bikram Day Bob Brazie Carrie Damewood Carrie Rowley Chad Everson Charlotte Fentress Chris Collura Chrissie Murru Cindy Clarke Colby Peffer Cynthia Devouassoux Dale Luckman Danelle Gunderson Dave Damewood David Arguedas David Cutter Dean Tonsager Denise James Diek Irish Ed Feil Forrest Fentress Frank Tazzara Galen Gard Hayden Rowley Heather Coleman Hilaire Bojonell James Walker Jeremy Schumacher Jim Gunderson Jim Ross John Brown JONATHAN CHANCERY Jordanne Marggi Justin Hall Katelyn Atchley Keenan Booher Kent Royer Laura Greenwalt Linda Royer Macky Cushing Malinda Dye Marianne Price Mark Fischer Michael Saker Mike Hollingshead Nancy Brazie Nancy McGee Nancy Ray Nikki McGinnis Nrolle Paret Paul Weatherford Phil Demeyer Reid Ligon Rick Rodriguez Robert Loper Roman Streed Ron Linden Ron Manning Ryan Thornton Sarah Worth Sean Kinslow Shannon Powell Staci Knabe Suzie Willard Sydney Devouassoux Tami Watkins Thomas Miller Tiffany Rice Tom Dye Trystan Devouassoux Walter Trapp Yann Devouassoux
Want to test dive a DUI dry suit yourself?  Visit the DEMOTOUR pages for more information.