Drysuit Pocket - DUI's new 'small' Cargo Pocket and more

Drysuit Pockets

drysuit pocket cargoFor many divers drysuit pockets are a must. If you are in the process of ordering a new suit, having drysuit pockets installed at the time of production is definitely the preferred option. Just what size drysuit pocket should you get? Why is size important? Let us explain. After more than 50 years of making custom wetsuits and drysuits we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes divers truly comfortable both in and out of the water. A drysuit that fits and is well designed will provide the BEST in comfort and mobility, both during  surface intervals and on the dive.

Why would I want a small drysuit pocket?

DUI offers two fantastic drysuit pockets. These are the DUI Cargo Pocket and the DUI Zipper Pocket. Both come in two sizes; a large pocket and a small pocket. For divers with a small stature, those individuals who are 5’6” and less, a smaller drysuit pocket is ideal. For these divers there is not much length between the bottom of the drysuit top when it is folded down and the bend of the knee. If the pocket is too tall and mounted above the knee then the top of the drysuit can cover the top of the pocket. As you can imagine this makes getting things in and out of your pocket difficult and frustrating. Who would want that? If the pocket is installed lower on the drysuit the bulk of the pocket can act as a splint and interfere with the bending of the knee. Since swimming is an important aspect of scuba diving this interferes with not only comfort but with the basic mobility and safety of the diver. Another reason divers enjoy the smaller drysuit pocket is they offer great carrying capacity with a lower overall profile. This creates less drag while providing storage. drysuit_pockets_size With the addition of our NEW small DUI Cargo Pocket we have even more choices for divers. Manufactured out of heavy-duty Cordura it comes with a Velcro closure and zipper pocket in the top flap. It has a large main pocket with a small slate pocket. And bungees for tying off your smaller dive accessories. In our experience most divers choose to purchase drysuit pockets with their new DUI drysuit. That’s one of the big reasons we offer our Drysuit Accessory Packages.

Why do I want or need pockets on my drysuit?

Good question. After all, many BC’s come with pockets. Why would I want one or two on my drysuit? First, most divers are not able to access their BC pockets during their dive. While most divers are able to reach these pockets on land after donning their drysuit and insulation they find it virtually impossible to reach back into the BC pockets. For those divers who are fortunate and can reach their pockets, once the weights are put into the system or gloves are donned,  the BC pocket is no longer accessible. In our experience most divers prefer to have a at least one pocket installed on their drysuit. Even divers who don't anticipate wanting to carry items have found a pocket useful.  For example divers who are environmentally conscientious can pick up trash during the dive and easily stow.

Can I add drysuit pockets onto my suit later?

Yes! It’s always best to have them added during the construction of your suit as the pocket can be sewn and sealed appropriately.  However  we can easily add them after production.  If you  have a DUI drysuit without pockets or even another brand of drysuit, DUI’s Repair Services can easily install any type of drysuit pocket that you want. Have additional questions? We are always here to help. Just send us a quick email and let us know what questions you have about your new drysuit pockets.