DUI drysuits best in the worldDUI drysuits are the best in the world.  Each and every DUI drysuit is built to order. Only DUI offers a truly custom fit, hundreds of color combinations and fun patterns, exclusive drysuit accessories like ZipSeals, pockets, pads and more. And it takes just 3 weeks or less to build your masterpiece! Diving Unlimited International has been making custom suits for scuba divers in San Diego for over 50 years. This all started because of our passion and love of scuba diving along with our misery of diving in cold water. All of this experience means that you receive the best fit, the highest quality and the most knowledgeable team of people on the planet at keeping you warm and comfortable. Only DUI offers a truly custom fit drysuit, made to your measurements, designed by you and shipped in three weeks or less. After all, few people today truly fit a “stock” size. Why suffer with boots that are large, bulky shoulders, snug thighs or legs and arms that are too short or too long. Depending on your diving habits a drysuit could last you 20 years. You deserve a drysuit that fits and functions beautifully. YOU DESERVE A DUI! Have pink dive gear? Love the look of camo (we’ve got 5 of them!)? Want to stand out in the crowd in neon yellow? YES! You can design your DUI drysuit to match. We've got 38 fabric colors and patterns from which to choose plus 16 accent colors that, when combined, give you hundreds of choices. Want to see your creation? Use DUI's new My Drysuit App and see what your new DUI drysuit will look like. DUI drysuits best in the worldDUI drysuits are the most copied designs in the dive industry. Did you know the diagonal zipper and telescoping torso also known as the “self-don” is a DUI patent? Or that DUI designed and patented ZipSeals - the first easy to remove and replace drysuit seal system that allows divers to NEVER miss a dive from a torn deal. Plus you can add pockets, pads, and other add-ons to your DUI. And each DUI drysuit is hand-made in San Diego and shipped in three weeks or less. DUI DRYSUITS ARE WARRANTIED FOR 7 YEARS AGAINST DEFECTS IN MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP with 50 years of backing up that warranty. When you see other warranties, make sure you ask around to find out just what their warranty means. And all DUI Signature Series made-to-measure suits are guaranteed to fit. Period. Have a question or need support? Please contact us at Support@DUI-Online.com. We are here for you! Let us make you the world's best drysuit - your very own DUI.