DUI Rental Centers in Northeast, Midwest & Southeast


Diving is your passion. And nothing lets you enjoy your passion more that a DUI drysuit. To help you decide which one is right for you, DUI dealers have DUI drysuits and equipment available in their training programs for divers to see, touch and dive. Still there are times when you might want to try a different DUI drysuit style. Or your dealer may not have your size. That is why DUI has partnered with three premier diving destinations and area dealers to create DUI RENTAL CENTERS. At these facilities divers will be able to rent DUI drysuits, insulation and other DUI accessories. To reserve your equipment, contact your local DUI dealer or


DUI Drysuit Rental Center Dutch SpringsDutch Springs Bethlehem, PA www.DutchSprings.com DutchSprings@DutchSprings.com (610)759-2270 List of Rental Inventory Rental Pricing


DUI Drysuit Rental Center Mermet SpringsMermet Springs Vienna, IL www.MermetSprings.com Glen@MermetSprings.com (618)527-3483 List of Rental Inventory Rental Pricing


DUI Drysuit Rental Center Dive GADive Georgia Woodstock, GA www.DiveGeorgia.com Info@DiveGeorgia.com (404)285-8600 List of Rental Inventory Rental Pricing