DUI Silicone ZipSeals Q&A

Silicone ZipSeals Features Silicone is UV and ozone resistant so they will last longer in most conditions.
  • Softer and more comfortable to wear
  • Excellent for people with latex allergies
  • Great for divers with prominent wrist tendons creating a drier dive when flexing hands
  • Easy to put on and take off due to excellent stretch and slick coating applied to the inside of the seal
  • The DUI Silicone Neck ZipSeal can be worn with all DUI drysuits fitted with a neck ZipRing
  • The DUI Silicone Wrist ZipSeals can be worn with all DUI drysuits fitted with the Generation 2 Wrist ZipRings*
DUI Silicone ZipSeals Q & A Q. Are all silicone seals the same? A. No – DUI uses a proprietary blend and diver tests demonstrate that DUI Silicone ZipSeals are more durable than other silicone seals on the market. Q. Can I use DUI’s new Silicone ZipSeals on my DUI drysuit? A. Yes – mostly
  • YES : All DUI drysuits currently fit with a neck G1 ZipRing
  • YES: All DUI drysuits fit with a Generation 2 wrist ZipRing – these are suits from mid 2009 and newer. The ring does NOT have a seam in the center (see photo below).
  • NO: All DUI drysuits fit with a Generation 1 wrist ZipRing – these are suits from mid 2009 and older. The ring has a small seam in the center (see photo below).
If your suit is NOT fitted with DUI ZipRings or if your suit has a Generation 1 wrist ZipRing*, you can have your DUI drysuit retrofitted through DUI’s Service Department. Please contact us at Support@DUI-Online.com or call (800)325-8439.
DUI Silicone ZipSeal wrist g1Generation 1 Wrist ZipRing Has a seam down the center - DUI Silicone ZipSeals WILL NOT LOCK on this ring DUI silicone ZipSeal g2 wristGeneration 2 Wrist ZipRing DUI Silicone Wrist ZipSeals will work
Q. Can I use DUI Silicone ZipSeals on my other brand of drysuit? A. No – DUI Silicone ZipSeals can only be used on DUI drysuits fitted with DUI ZipRings Q. Do I trim the DUI Silicone ZipSeals the same as I trim the latex ZipSeals? A. No – we added more trim lines. Please use the DUI Silicone Seal Trimming Guide below. The more rings you have on the seal, the tighter it will be. Start counting at the base of the seal. The largest ring will be 1.

DUI silicone drysuit seal trim guideline

Q. Silicone seals seem to attract dirt more easily. How can I clean them? A. The silicone is softer making the seals easier to get dirty. Use a mild soap and water mixture and wipe them with a soft cloth. Q. Can I use my glove ring system with silicone ZipSeals? A. No. DUI does not recommend using any glove ring system as it will tear the seals. If you have any questions, please contact the DUI Customer Support Team at Support@DUI-Online.com or (800)325-8439 x1.

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