Nullarbor Karst Plain Project2013 Nullarbor Karst Plain Project. The flooded underwater cave systems beneath Western Australia’s Nullarbor Karst Plain began forming more than 25 million years ago as sea levels dropped; exposing a massive limestone plain that had once been the sea floor. Early humans were the first explorers; braving darkness and superstition as they traversed the dry sections of cave to discover clear pools of blue water at the cave terminus. Underwater cave explorers would eventually pick up the trail this past century and discover massive tunnels, beautiful rooms and additional dry passageways leading further into the unknown. Fast forward to present day and the evidence clearly shows that caves, the deep ocean and outer space remain the last “true” frontiers for exploration. The Nullarbor remains one of those final “frontiers” in more ways than one.
WKPP logoWoodville Karst Plain ProjectEstablished. In 1990, The WKPP is a non-profit 501c3 scientific research and exploration project. The mission of the WKPP is to explore, survey, connect and protect the flooded underwater cave systems of North Florida’s Woodville Karst Plain. To this end, the WKPP promotes public awareness, education and scientific discovery through exploration and research support within these flooded underground cave systems. Through partnerships with state, federal and private landowners, the WKPP is uniquely positioned to facilitate scientific research and the gathering of valuable data. In turn, researchers, resource managers, policy makers and landowners can formulate necessary and responsible land use decisions to protect these unique and treasured resources for future generations.
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