How does the DUI Quick Zip Work?

Welcome to the patented DUI QuickZip™. Follow along as we show you how to put on this improved self-don design. As always if you have any questions contact us at
Start out exactly as you would any other DUI self-don drysuit. Our diver has gotten into his QuickZip™ drysuit up to his waist.You can put either the right arm, left arm or neck seal on first. Here our diver is putting his left arm in first.
Followed by his right arm.
We had our diver show an exaggerated stretch of the latex seal. Remember to pull the seal WIDE. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you.
Pull the fold down and buckle the crotch strap.
Now for the new part.The QuickZip™ is set in the drysuit towards the back and zips up, not down. With your left hand grab hold of the drysuit at the fold. Pull the zipper up and around towards the front.
This is the front view of the same step as pictured above.
Now move the placement of your hands. Bring the left hand up and grab hold of the drysuit zipper while the right hand pulls the zipper closed completely.Double check the zipper as any opening can allow water to enter the drysuit.
Pull the zipper guard closed.
You are in your new DUI QuickZip™ drysuit.