Installing Latex Wrist Seals on the SI-5 System

innerring Place latex wrist seal over hard inner wring. Make sure lip is facing away from drysuit. Gently pull seal over ring. Extend edge of seal slightly over ring. Lubricate the outside of the seal with soapy water. To make soapy water use approximately 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in a cup of water. Lubricate the inside of the soft ring on the drysuit with your soapy water. Press down on the drysuit ring. This makes the circle into an oval shape. It's important to do this. It will make inserting the hard wrist ring much easier. Slide the hard inner ring into the elipsed seal. Use your finger tips to keep latex seal in proper positiion. Using a firm surface adjust and press the inner ring forward into the drysuit ring. Adjust and press the ring into position. The lip on the inner ring will lock the seal into place. Check your seal. Gently pull on the seal to make sure it is in position. Time to go diving!